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Go to Strabo


Clarity in one click: the portfolio tracker for the global citizen

accounts, investment accounts, crypto, pensions, real estate and alternatives across different countries, collated into one dashboard with seamless FX and forward-looking portfolio analytics. Know what you're worth at any one time, whether you're on track to hit your investment goals and make complex financial decisions simple. ...


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Affordable Lead Generation Platform helping SMBs find and connect with key decision makers in well-funded under-the-radar Startups

ecause they couldn't generate sales. So we built Prelo, to help small businesses and B2B founders find and connect with key decision makers in tech companies at the right time in their growth-cycle. The Go-to-Market Tool used by business development reps to support seed stage Start-ups in generating market traction. Prelo is a do-it-your-self engagement software designed to optimize growth and generate revenue by combining job data, hiring information and funding data to deliver a sales intelligence solution for small businesses...




Do you like long, boring, wordy texts when reading reviews or would you prefer to look and read reviews that look something like favorite social media platforms?

om users that post at-the-moment or go live from a place they are currently visiting. Forget the old, boring, traditional long reviews you see constantly today. This app will showcase what is hot around you (or what is not) at the moment. Be informed before stepping into a place and be a part of the community and help each other by sharing your experience....


Go to STEP


The first air purifier that can capture CO2, providing the cleanest air for your home, office, and the climate.

aims to tackle the problem of climate change. By combining the air quality of and air purifier with direct air carbon capture (DACC) technology, STEP can be the first product from individuals that can impact climate change without compromising convenience. With returnable filters that can be regenerated for further use, a business model that eventually has captured CO2 pay for the filters, and a small/quiet enough design to fit in any home or office, STEP could be the first "step" to a carbon negative lifestyle....


Go to AppFlags


AppFlags makes it easy to use feature flags in your application

easy to control the visibility of features in your application. Using feature flags allows developers and products teams to deliver features faster while decreasing risk and increasing reliability. AppFlags makes it as simple as possible to utilize feature flags. It only takes a few minutes and a few lines of code to add AppFlags to your application or website. AppFlags has servers in over 200 data centers around the world, so your features flags will load super fast and not impact user performance, no matter where your users are located. Additionally, feature flags can update in real-time, allowing your application to update without the user refreshing or reloading....


Go to Level


Level gives you the versatility and confidence to manage, monitor, and control your endpoints from anywhere.

and monitor their workstations and servers from anywhere in the world. Level is the first security-focused remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to implement peer-to-peer (P2P) connections that ensure a fully private and encrypted connection....


Go to Decidable


An AI powered social data storytelling platform that helps analysts craft data stories in plain English which will actually get their insights read, discussed and acted upon

lling platform. Businesses are all aware that data is transformational when it is in every employees’ hands. They spend over Β£220bn a year to produce insights for effective data-driven decisions. Yet most will fail to get more than 30% of their team members to adopt the insights from data. Decidable solves this by creating a platform that uses the power of AI, social engineering, and data storytelling to remove the barriers to user adoption. In simple terms where all BI delivers insights as charts and tables that require interpretation, Decidable delivers insights as data stories on a social platform, which has been scientifically proven as the most engaging form of narrative that everyone in the organisation can access, understand and connect with. ...

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"A new online 3D interior design software



JotForm Cards

JotForm Cards: The Friendly Way to Ask


Record, Recall, Relive your best moments with your Friends

12th Cross

12th Cross is a Marketplace for Marketing Services.

East London Minibus Hire

East London Minibus Hire offers self & chauffeur-driven minibuses covering all the major parts of London and all over England.

XOXO Tours

XOXO Tours is a social networking app which connects you to a travel buddy, someone who understands your wanderlust and craves the same thrills you do.

Morning Score

Morning Score is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to measure SEO value in dollars.


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