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India's first Tech-Enabled Expert Network

d network of speakers and thought leaders, aka. experts. With over 15,000 experts in our network globally, Speakin is engaged by business organizations, academic institutions, associations and investment management companies to access curated experts for one-on-one discussions or forum-based knowledge sessions. Similarly, Individuals engage our experts to gain individual guidance and seek mentorship for personal development....

SaaS Startup Kit
SaaS Startup Kit

Go to SaaS Startup Kit

SaaS Startup Kit

Open-source project of Go code to bootstrap your software-as-a-service startup.

ilerplate code in Golang for building scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. The goal of this project is to provide a proven approach for building new SaaS that reduces the repetitive tasks in getting a new software service launched to production that can easily be scaled and ready to onboard enterprise clients. It uses minimal dependencies, implements idiomatic code and follows Golang best practices....




Organize your activities: manage projects, plan, create, analyze, sale, life, repeat again.

ed to choose among three standard types of tasks: a phone call, a meeting and an action. Depending on a task type, Weeek will display it in particular way and notify you thereof by means of push notification service. Are you a power user? Navigate through tasks, meetings and calls in a jiffy with hotkeys. Never miss a deadline or a meeting with Weeek's powerful notification system....


Go to Fros.me


Get Anonymous Feedback About Yourself in Seconds!

an create your own personal page and share it with your friends via social media and learn more about yourself. Do you want to know what others think about you? Just create a Fros.me account and share your unique link with your friends. Join now thousands of other Fros.me users....


Go to Imgbot


Free online tools for batch image processing

You can resize, crop, compress and optimize JPG, PNG, GIF files to reduce their size, or add watermark to your images and photos to protect them from being used by third parties. Imgbot processes images in a batch (up to 100 images) and exports them in a single ZIP file. Being an online tool, Imgbot eliminates the need for any software or downloads. All Imgbot tools are 100% free. Imgbot requires no licenses or subscription....


Go to Range


Range develops coordination tools that help you stay in sync and feel like a team, so you can do your best work together.

sync, and actually feel like a team. It’s thoughtfully designed software that helps teams share daily check-ins, track goals, and run better meetings so you can do your best work together. Range is the best way to run a virtual stand-up for your team, to keep OKRs top of mind, and run more productive and inclusive meetings. With Range, you can align high-level goals with what’s happening on the ground, so that everyone has insight into how projects are progressing. Set quarterly goals, review them in weekly meetings, and log work with quick daily check-ins. Everything is easier in Range because it works with the tools you already use. Your tasks, documents, and code changes are already in Range, so you don’t have to enter data twice....


Go to Houm


Empowering Users to become true Owners of the internet

rs of the internet to become true Owners of the internet. Houm helps you create a Digital Home on the internet with legal ownership. You can keep all your digital stuff here absolutely private. Only you can access this. This would involve every consumer buying a personal domain & hosting it at a place of her or his choice – a completely automated process at houm.me. You can then connect your different online accounts to your digital home & pull all your digital assets into this place on the internet that you own. At Houm, we have worked hard to create this for you. But there's many more features to come. This is just the beginning. ...


Go to Stream


Activity feed and chat APIs for custom applications

ld scalable newsfeeds, activity streams, chat and messaging in a few hours instead of weeks. Save months of development headache and focus on what makes your app unique. Stream helps you build scalable feeds, activity streams & chat. Stream’s simple, powerful APIs are used by some of the largest and most popular apps for feeds and chat. Save months of development headache and focus on what makes your app unique. ...

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