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Go to LE02


Chrome Browser extension that integrates a Sales Specialised AI assistant directly onto your top of your LinkedIn experience

data to be able to write compelling LinkedIn Messages that convert. LE is one click away on Messages, InMails, Comments and Connection Requests, directly in your LinkedIn Interface....

Sovereign Translations
Sovereign Translations

Go to Sovereign Translations

Sovereign Translations

Sovereign Translations delivers unmatched English-German translation precision, redefining industry standards with a direct collaboration model for unparalleled client engagement.

tion service; it's a commitment to excellence in the English-German linguistic landscape. Boasting over seven years of refined experience, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering accuracy. Our unique direct collaboration model is at the heart of our operations, ensuring each project benefits from transparency and a deep understanding of our client's needs. Tailored primarily for businesses, Sovereign Translations is on a mission to revolutionize the industry, setting unparalleled benchmarks in linguistic accuracy and proactive client engagement....

Earth's Bounty E-Juice
Earth's Bounty E-Juice

Go to Earth's Bounty E-Juice

Earth's Bounty E-Juice

Premium vape juice brand offering meticulously crafted flavors & a juice for every mood

! Indulge in our premium e-juice flavors, meticulously crafted for ultimate satisfaction. Join our vape subscriptions for convenient deliveries of the finest vape juice. Unleash your taste buds and experience the bountiful flavors of Earth's Bounty today!...

Dreamwave AI Headshots
Dreamwave AI Headshots

Go to Dreamwave AI Headshots

Dreamwave AI Headshots

Next-generation, high quality AI headshots without the AI look.

duce high-quality AI headshots in under one hour. To use it, users only need to upload 5-8 sample photos. Dreamwave's AI headshot generator was developed by a team of AI experts previously at MIT and Google Brain. Dreamwave's proprietary technology leads to higher quality, higher resolution photos, as well as better likeness in their AI-generated photos (i.e., photos that look like you). To see examples of Dreamwave's real customer results, visit https://www.dreamwave.ai/ai-headshots....

DataPlus AI
DataPlus AI

Go to DataPlus AI

DataPlus AI

Smarter Faster

ate finance professionals smarter faster. Our platform allows professionals to search and analyze information, as well as generate comprehensive analyses and reports, saving countless hours of manual work and preventing delays that cause lost business. With data privacy and cybersecurity at the core of our platform, we offer an enterprise-grade solution that complies with the regulation imposed on corporate finance advisors. Our market research indicates a growing demand for knowledge acquisition efficiency in the corporate finance sector....


Go to NaNAI.tools


The coolest AI tools database

most extensive and detailed list of tools powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). You'll find everything from product details (information, features, pricing, etc.), to related / similar AI tools, user reviews, FAQs and much more. The NaNAI website is 100% optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, and works as fast as lighting ⚡️ Try it! NaNAI has been developed by 2 people (@Ricki & @DanielPeris) that met on Twitter / X on July 2023 and decided to build an AI tools database....


Go to Dialogly


Create GPT chat apps without coding

t coding, in minutes. Just connect your Open AI account, write the rules for your chat app. Customize the design and colors. and export it as a link or embed. While a typical use-case might be customer support chatbots, the versatility of Dialogly goes beyond the ordinary. Many of our users have leveraged the platform to launch businesses centered around chat. Imagine nutritional AI assistants guiding users on their food choices, virtual sports coaches offering training tips, or even a daily horoscope delivered conversationally – the possibilities are as vast as your imagination....


Go to TRUiC


AI powered Business Name Generator to help entrepreneurs a great brand and business name in seconds

owered Business Name Generator which helps entrepreneurs struggling to name their business by coming up with unique brand names and matching them with available domains so that a business can set up their online presence immediately. It saves time and effort and allows an entrepreneur to find a brand and domain simultaneously. We recently updated it with a much more powerful AI engine to drastically improve the quality and depth of the names, as well as created a direct integration with GoDaddy to live access their domain inventory. We would love to be featured on StartupBuffer...

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With a few clicks startups have created, updated and shared your investor report with respective investors.

Talk Technologies

Keeps private conversations, transcriptions and recordings private with the industry's best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone.


Hassle-free redirections for your naked domains.


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An all-natural solution to PMS!


Turning Live Chat Into a Lucrative Revenue Stream

VAT Calculator Worldwide

Add, remove and calculate VAT worldwide

SKEDit Scheduling App

Scheduling WhatsApp Messages, Emails, SMS and Call Reminders ahead of time


Wizdee allows you to analyze your business data just by speaking or typing queries in a search box using everyday language.

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