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Go to Desktop.com


Desktop.com lets individuals, businesses & teams declutter their digital spaces by keeping all web apps and bookmarks organized, tagged and searchable under one single icon.

iduals, businesses and teams to effectively declutter their digital environments by keeping all web apps and bookmarks organized, tagged and searchable under one single icon. Key features include: - Create shareable desktops - Sort and separate assets for better overview - web apps are auto-organized into categories and links/bookmarks can be tagged and placed into folders - Accessible from any device so that you can always access what you need when you need it - Invite family members, colleagues, friends or others to your shared desktop(s) - Easily switch between accounts โ€“ keep your business tools and personal tools separated - Single-Sign-On (SSO) - Explore our integrated app store with more than 1500 web apps ...and many more features to come soon! Join the journey towards an organized and smart way to use web based resources from anywhere, at any time. ...


Go to vigtec


vigtec is making complex investing easy with the first-of-its-kind algo-driven investment decision-making platform for stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs and futures.

can equip yourself with real-time Wall Street-level investing tools all year, such as: EXPLORE SEARCH: Compare stocks, ETFs and mutual funds using our proprietary vSCORE to find best-in-class investment options. OPTIONS LAB: Tell the Lab your stock or ETF scenario and it algorithmically computes the best strategies in the options universe to find you the most optimal outcome for any situation. LIVE CHARTS: Uncover the real story with customizable charts that reveal hidden pivots, divergences, market structure levels and momentum. MARKET INDICATORS: Make informed decisions like the pros with real-time algo-driven custom indicators, such as TRIN, GEX, Put/Call Ratio, Volatility and more. vspace ALGO STORE: Experience with the first-ever store that gives you the power to acquire one-of-a-kind algos to tailor your tools to how you invest. AND MUCH MORE! Your broker-dealer is where you go to execute. vigtec is where you go to decide what to execute....


Go to odix


Odix develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR) technology for preventative cybersecurity in enterprises of all sizes.

Disarm and Reconstruction), is now offering its own native application for securing Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes. CDR technology is a detection-less method to disarm zero-days and APTโ€™s in files and is considered by leading analysts as an addition or replacement to existing anti malware technologies. FileWallโ„ข is designed to run in conjunction with existing Microsoft security solutions such as EOP and ATP, ensuring complete prevention against unknown attacks delivered through email attachments....

Standard Resume
Standard Resume

Go to Standard Resume

Standard Resume

Effortlessly create a memorable resume

n resume that hiring managers and recruiters will love. Import your LinkedIn profile in seconds and share your resume as a PDF or responsive website....

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We help software developers make more informed career decisions.

My Green Village

We provide matchmaking services for ecofriendly homeowners and quality green home contractors/cleaners.

Scooter Hombre

Scooter Product Reviews and Tips โ€“ Scooter Hombre


A Revolutionary way to manage your online business and make sales

Pair & Compare

Find the perfect fonts and font-pairs for your project easily

Perspexi Labs

Real-time customer satisfaction data via text messages to boost online reviews and improve customer retention


Check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixjqjqf8WiY

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