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Go to FishyHub


FishyHub is the number one aquarium marketplace for people to shop for fishes, plants and other aquarium accessories in a social, personalized and simple way.

eping due to maintenance, livestock issues & lack of knowledge. While 72% are open to ordering livestock online, 97% do not trust online vendors due to quality, accuracy & shipping concerns. FishyHub is a 1-stop social gamified aquarium marketplace that makes it convenient, personalized and simple for experienced and new aquarium keepers alike, to build their dream aquariums....


Go to ChewyAI


A platform that enables you to create high-performing, SEO-friendly content in seconds.

helps write high-quality and engaging content for websites. Enter your product name and description, and Chewy generates any copy needed for a website, including landing pages, about pages, blogs, and more. Other features include: Landing page generator - AI generates landing page mockups from a product name and product description Writing assistant - AI helps write long-form content by suggesting new topics and sentences as you write....


Go to Fangage


Your fans. Your platform.

e, their earnings & their brands. We empower creators to build their own fan platform, take back control of their fanbase, increase fan engagement, and make more money from their passion. ...


Go to Decidable


An AI powered social data storytelling platform that helps analysts craft data stories in plain English which will actually get their insights read, discussed and acted upon

lling platform. Businesses are all aware that data is transformational when it is in every employeesโ€™ hands. They spend over ยฃ220bn a year to produce insights for effective data-driven decisions. Yet most will fail to get more than 30% of their team members to adopt the insights from data. Decidable solves this by creating a platform that uses the power of AI, social engineering, and data storytelling to remove the barriers to user adoption. In simple terms where all BI delivers insights as charts and tables that require interpretation, Decidable delivers insights as data stories on a social platform, which has been scientifically proven as the most engaging form of narrative that everyone in the organisation can access, understand and connect with. ...




Do you like long, boring, wordy texts when reading reviews or would you prefer to look and read reviews that look something like favorite social media platforms?

om users that post at-the-moment or go live from a place they are currently visiting. Forget the old, boring, traditional long reviews you see constantly today. This app will showcase what is hot around you (or what is not) at the moment. Be informed before stepping into a place and be a part of the community and help each other by sharing your experience....


Go to Level


Level gives you the versatility and confidence to manage, monitor, and control your endpoints from anywhere.

and monitor their workstations and servers from anywhere in the world. Level is the first security-focused remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to implement peer-to-peer (P2P) connections that ensure a fully private and encrypted connection....

We Are Heroes
We Are Heroes

Go to We Are Heroes

We Are Heroes

We give startups creative confidence through an unlimited design & strategy subscription

th bespoke growth strategy tailored to you, with our unlimited design & strategy subscription. We work with startups who want design to grow their business, as well as look incredible. Too often, startups settle for design that is just about aesthetics, created by agencies who only care about their next portfolio piece, instead of using design to actually convert customers, and build loyalty and brand advocacy....


Go to Warpdrive


Turn any process into a shareable desktop automation.

le desktop automation. Tired of writing process docs? Warpdrive is a new way to capture and share process knowledge through automations. Accelerate learning, automate tedious tasks, and document complex processes for you and your team. How itโ€™s different: - Capture process knowledge as automations. - Works across any website or desktop app. - No coding, configuration, or IT setup required. - Captures processes by observing your screen. - Share processes with teammates in minutes. How it works: - Capture a process -- Warpdrive learns by observing your screen. Press record to instantly convert your clicks and actions into step-by-step desktop automations. There's no coding, configuring, or setup required. - Invite your team -- Warpdrive is designed for teams. Invite teammates to run your automations or share their own processes. Organize all your workflows in one place, and create a hive-mind of process knowledge. - Warp through tasks -- When you run a process for the first time, Warpdrive guides you, step-by-step. Want to go faster? Press warp and Warpdrive will automatically complete your task at super-human speed. Use Cases: - Training & Onboarding -- Improve onboarding and training with automations that anyone can run on day one. - Employee Productivity -- Instantly upskill your teammates by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. - Digital Adoption -- Increase digital adoption by simplifying complex software rollouts. - Change Management -- Help your team navigate change by simplifying new processes into one-click automations. - Process Documentation -- Unlock your teamโ€™s tribal knowledge. Empower anyone to record and share their workflows. Warpdrive empowers your entire team to capture and share process knowledge. Record, share, and run all of your team's workflows, all from the Warpdrive app--all on your desktop. ...

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