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Go to RestCase


Secure REST API Rapid Development Platform

tform that enables its users to rapidly create secure microservices, mock them in order to start testing, monitor APIs and collaborate on their development and testing. Mobile. Composite applications. Microservices. Developing and testing REST APIs are becoming increasingly complex. The platform supports the entire API development lifecycle, starting from visually designing the API, along with quality and security audits. Automatically mocking, documenting, testing and monitoring the API in order to allow the different R&D teams (dev, testing and front-end) to work in parallel in order to speed up the development....


Go to StatsGlitch


Save your time and money with Google Analytics alerts

f your Google Analytics stats. It keeps an eye on basically everything you can track via Google Analytics and promptly informs if something is happening. Merely being aware of your traffic already places you higher than your competitors....


Go to KudosBot


KudosBot helps spread positivity in the work place by giving you a mechanism to recognize your best employees.

ise your best teammates. It works directly from Slack and includes features such as: * Random GIFs with each kudos * Stream kudos on TVs. * In depth analytics. * Easy access to values in Slack. * Tag kudos with company values. * Monthly leaderboards....


Go to Fros.me


Get Anonymous Feedback About Yourself in Seconds!

an create your own personal page and share it with your friends via social media and learn more about yourself. Do you want to know what others think about you? Just create a Fros.me account and share your unique link with your friends. Join now thousands of other Fros.me users....

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Full Stack Development


Best Rated Digital Marketing Software + Service for Agencies


Stop losing your important website bookmarks across various browsers and email accounts, store them as information cards instead and access them from anywhere, anytime

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Gradient Hunt

Curated collection of beautiful gradients, updated daily


We scan the 'for sale' sections of popular forums (luxury watch forums, motorcycle forums, etc) and then organize the data all in one area.


Take total control of your personal finance.

Adblock Analytics

Helps websites monitor visitor ad blocking usage

Dr Afshin Nasseri

Dr Afshin Nasseri: Eminent Internist In Warwick,RI


Matchmaking for Brands in a HARO for Bloggers Model.

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