1 crore projects vs Advoid

1 crore projects

1 crore projects
1 crore projects

Best Python Project Centers in Chennai

1 CRORE PROJECTS is the leading project center in chennai. Best in providing python projects 2021-2022 with wide range of concepts and titles at very affordable cost.

Location: Chennai, India

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Advoid is a cross-platform Adblocker as a Service.

Advoid blocks online trackers and ads, and thus improves our online experience — regardless of the device.

Traditional adblockers work great on desktops. We can install them as browser extensions which allows us to experience online without ads and trackers.

But on mobile we can't. At best, we could setup some complicated DNS settings. But I mean, our regular jane or john does don't know how to do that. What's DNS anyway?

Advoid attempts to make things easy. Install once, forget forever. We get an adblocker for all of our devices: be it mobile, tablet, or desktop. As a result, users save time, bandwidth, and devices' battery (life). It's a total win-win.

Location: Turku, Finland

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