1 crore projects vs AgentInsightS

1 crore projects

1 crore projects
1 crore projects

Best Python Project Centers in Chennai

1 CRORE PROJECTS is the leading project center in chennai. Best in providing python projects 2021-2022 with wide range of concepts and titles at very affordable cost.

Location: Chennai, India

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AgentInsightS employs AI to elevate customer service by transforming call data into actionable insights.

AgentInsightS harnesses artificial intelligence to profoundly enhance customer interaction management within contact centers. Our platform meticulously captures and analyzes every detail from customer calls, offering unprecedented precision and consistency in audit and quality assessments. With a focus on comprehending every interaction and revealing essential insights, AgentInsightS navigates beyond conventional call management challenges, enabling organizations to refine customer interactions and optimize agent training, thereby elevating the overall customer service experience and agent performance.

Location: Delhi, India

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