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Instant Angular Backend in the Cloud

Backand provides developers with a secure, scalable and fully-managed backend for their AngularJS applications. With Backand, developers can create sophisticated server-side actions in a snap, including triggers and on-demand actions that can launch JavaScript code, send emails or execute transactional SQL scripts.

In addition, Backand provides a rich set of out-of-the-box security and user management features, including social signup, email verification, role-based security, active directory integration and more. It enables developers to easily create role-based and individual user level permissions.

The Backand backend-as-a-service for Angular also comes with pre-built integration to 3rd-party services Want to charge using Paypal or send email through MailChimp? No problem. Backand is pre-integrated with popular 3rd-party systems and provides webhooks so you can integrate your own.

Last but not least, Backand automatically generates a REST API for any database, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle. You can easily create a new database or connect an existing one. Work with JSON models, complex as you like, and let Backand add or edit the data for you.

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