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Tired of managing inventories on excel sheets?

CyberStockroom (CS) provides inventory management and control software for small and medium sized businesses all across the supply chain.

The key differentiating factor of the (CS) is a unique map-based approach that makes the day-to-day process of managing inventory more intuitive and less painful.

The user starts by creating a visual mapping of the business. This can include any number of physical locations and sub-locations such as buildings, floors, rooms, shelves, bins etc as well as transport vehicles. Once this map is created, products are then placed inside these locations and moved around using an intuitive drag and drop interface. This allows for a bird's eye view of all product levels across the entire business. Using a map instead of lists and dropdown menu makes the process of managing product levels much more streamlined.

CS also allows the user to dive into a specific location within the business and to see the products and levels that it contains as well as to select any product in the business and to see how it's distributed across the physical locations within the business.

CS offers a rich set of features including inventory tracking and management, multiple locations, bin and lot number tracking, drag and drop management, product custom fields, inventory reporting and activity history, spreadsheet importing and exporting, multiple users and product images.

Although CS can be useful for most types of businesses, it is especially useful for distributors and wholesalers in the industrial equipment and machinery sector.

The software is offered as an online service with a 14 day Free Trial. Both monthly and annual plans are offered.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

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