100+ Mega-Prompts for Marketing vs Permutable AI

100+ Mega-Prompts for Marketing

100+ Mega-Prompts for Marketing
100+ Mega-Prompts for Marketing

Supercharge your marketing with ChatGPT

Supercharge your marketing with 100+ hand-crafted marketing mega-prompts for ChatGPT. From marketing strategy to content creation, you can forget about manual work and complete tasks on autopilot.

Location: New York, United States

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Permutable AI

Permutable AI
Permutable AI

Permutable.ai provides high-impact solutions to companies that care about their reputational risk and investment decisions

Our proprietary, real-time, AI driven ESG database features 50,000 of the world’s biggest public and private companies, providing a comprehensive look at commercial activities in every ethical sphere and across every operating function. The ESG database provides full transparency enabling the screening of companies across 60 different ESG metrics and ESG scores designed to incontestably and objectively measure a company’s ESG performance within key themes including racism, discrimination, air pollution, mineral mining, recycling, slave labour, product liability, ethical supply chain management and many more. The database also include geo location tagging enabling searches by city and country.

Location: London , United Kingdom

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