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The easy-to-use tag manager for the busy marketer

7tag is an open-source tag management system (TMS) that enables marketers to easily create, deploy, and manage their tags across all their websites and web apps. As 7tag is open source, companies can host it on their own infrastructure, allowing them to modify and customize the software to suit their needs and maintain full control over the software.

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Ask anyone about your ideas - get valuable and insightful results

Nextcept allows organizations to find out which of their ideas offers the greatest chance of future success. This is accomplished by allowing you to apply value to your invites and organize your ideas. The opinions and ratings you receive will be uniquely calibrated to your organization and greatly increase your odds of success. Additionally, invited users of nextcept will be able to use their account to communicate with many organizations, and there will be no limitations on how many campaigns one can access.

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