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Abaqus Computing

Abaqus Computing
Abaqus Computing

Abaqus is building a research platform to enable financial organisations to explore, experiment and deploy quantum computing for risk management, optimization and pricing.

We look to partner with visionary financial services firms to enable them to tackle otherwise intractable computational problems. We deliver skills transfer, access to hardware, and expertise and quantum algorithm development to accelerate quantum readiness for financial services.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

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HTTP and Bluetooth monitoring and debugging tool for iOS developers

apptalk.ninja is an easy-to-use monitoring and bug tracking tool for mobile app developers.
It logs and debugs HTTP, Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon communication over-the-air solving currently hard-to-track errors of client-server communication and supporting the exploration of connected devices such as wearables, smart home, smart car devices and other IoT technology.

For the app developers it's like getting superhuman ninja senses so that they can see what's going on in their users' pockets on each and every device that runs their apps.

apptalk.ninja brings transparency to app development: reproducing errors becomes much easier and it also speeds up collaboration between the client-side and backend developers by making the transcript of the full http communication on the devices available online and does the same between the BLE hardware engineers and the app developers.

apptalk.ninja is currently available on iOS in free, public beta and they are actively looking for early adopters. In exchange for giving apptalk.ninja a try and providing feedback they offer the service for free for the next 12 months.

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