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Abraa is an Online B2b Marketplace which allow trading from whole across globe

Abraa.com is the foremost platform for worldwide wholesale trade catering suppliers and thousands of buyers around the globe. Through Abraa.com, the suppliers can send their products to the buyers in other countries. Our Mission is to make it easy for suppliers and buyers to do Business Around the Globe. We have also developed Cutting Edge Tools and Marketing Strategies for our Suppliers, Buyers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Traders and Resellers Giving them the Reach to Global Audiences for their Products / Services. We also have “Verified & Trusted” Suppliers so that buyers can purchase from them by using our platform with Assurance and Peace of mind. Brings you Hundreds of Products in many different major Categories including Consumer Electronics, Auto Parts and Industrial Machinery Buyers for these products are located across the Globe and exchange thousands of messages with Suppliers on our Platform each Day We are constantly adding new Categories and Products to our site for the better search. As a platform, we are constantly developing New Technologies to help our customer do more and discover new Opportunities. Whether it’s Sourcing from Multiple Suppliers or Selling to Buyers around the world Abraa.com has you Covered.

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Finder.io by 500apps.com

Finder.io by 500apps.com
Finder.io by 500apps.com

Finder.io by 500apps is an advanced Email Finder and Email Verifier tool that helps find the email addresses of people who matter most to your business. Get access to 30+ apps for $14.99 per user.

Finder.io by 500apps is an advanced Email Finder and Email Verifier tool that helps find the email addresses of people who matter most to your business. With bulk email verifier, get your cold leads to perform better by closing more sales. Get access to 30+ apps for $14.99 per user.
It comes with four core features:
1.Email Finder.
Create mass outreach campaigns and deliver content to each employee at your target company. All you need to get started is a first or last name and the domain name. You can save time by importing & searching bulk lists with one click. Get access to hundreds of email addresses all at once with their status. With its simple export feature, you can download Domain Search or Email Finder data to your device in seconds. It allows you to search for an email address for a specific person at any organisation and know where to send your important communication emails.

2. Email Verifier.

Verify any email address in an instant to ensure that your message reaches its intended recipient. Finder’s powerful email verifier scours the web and performs validations at multiple levels. It helps you boost your sales process with qualified and verified leads from your target companies, identify the decision-makers you need to connect with and verify their email accounts instantly with Email Verifier to ensure all your leads are valid and qualified. You can save time by verifying email addresses in bulk and reduce bounce rates. It also allows you to quickly upload email addresses from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

3. Domain Search.

The domain search feature helps you bypass the gatekeeper and connect directly with the decision-maker to close the deal with an easy email domain search. Using just a name and URL, Finder.io scours the internet and grabs the verified email address of the person you need to contact within the company you are targeting. It helps you to stay productive and efficient with Bulk Domain Lookup. It allows you to import domain lists so you can perform domain searches on multiple targets simultaneously. Each email account is verified in the same dashboard, so you can quickly determine the authenticity. You can also use it to get details of companies, key people, strength, revenue, and much more so that you can be confident of sending emails and getting responses.

4. Email Reports:
You can use analytics to make data-driven decisions and make changes accordingly to optimise processes. The Email reports feature gives you a bird’s-eye view with overview reports for Domain Search, Email Finder, and Email Verifier, all in one dashboard. You can quickly download or export detailed information with a single click. You can reach back through the data to visualise your search history, Graphical view. It allows you to download the email addresses which are under the list. You can just open the list and click on the ellipses option and download the list of all email ids present in the current list.

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