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Abraa is an Online B2b Marketplace which allow trading from whole across globe

Abraa.com is the foremost platform for worldwide wholesale trade catering suppliers and thousands of buyers around the globe. Through Abraa.com, the suppliers can send their products to the buyers in other countries. Our Mission is to make it easy for suppliers and buyers to do Business Around the Globe. We have also developed Cutting Edge Tools and Marketing Strategies for our Suppliers, Buyers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Traders and Resellers Giving them the Reach to Global Audiences for their Products / Services. We also have “Verified & Trusted” Suppliers so that buyers can purchase from them by using our platform with Assurance and Peace of mind. Brings you Hundreds of Products in many different major Categories including Consumer Electronics, Auto Parts and Industrial Machinery Buyers for these products are located across the Globe and exchange thousands of messages with Suppliers on our Platform each Day We are constantly adding new Categories and Products to our site for the better search. As a platform, we are constantly developing New Technologies to help our customer do more and discover new Opportunities. Whether it’s Sourcing from Multiple Suppliers or Selling to Buyers around the world Abraa.com has you Covered.

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We Monetize Your Spam Mail

HireSplit turns your spam messages from recruiters into a residual income. Simply refer a friend to any job you have receive on LinkedIn with HireSplit and once they have started in the role be rewarded with up to €780.

Nice and simple!

Why HireSplit? It's your solution to turn LinkedIn spam into cash effortlessly while helping friends land roles.

HireSplit has been designed to improve the candidate experience on LinkedIn. We all receive hundreds of Inmails / direct mails a year which end up being spam. We have created a system which not only helps your friends into roles but enables you to get paid for it!

Building a Supportive Community: After the mass lay offs last year we all know someone who was affected. We're more than just a platform for earning money; we're here to help each other through job market challenges. Benefit from job referrals, extra income, and a network that's got your back. Together, we navigate uncertainty and emerge stronger.

Monetizing Your Spam Messages: We all receive countless unsolicited job offers or spam messages from recruiters on platforms like LinkedIn. With HireSplit, you can turn these annoying messages into a potential source of income. Instead of just ignoring or deleting them, now you can leverage them to earn money.

Unlock Residual Income: HireSplit offers you the chance to earn residual income by simply referring a friend to any job you receive through LinkedIn. This passive income stream could be a game-changer for you.

Ease of use: Referral bonuses have been around for years but it can be a hassle using them and you actually have to speak to the recruiter! Using HireSplit is a breeze. You can refer a friend to a job you've received with just a couple of clicks. Once your referral starts the role, you can earn up to €780 without breaking a sweat.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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