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Abraa is an Online B2b Marketplace which allow trading from whole across globe

Abraa.com is the foremost platform for worldwide wholesale trade catering suppliers and thousands of buyers around the globe. Through Abraa.com, the suppliers can send their products to the buyers in other countries. Our Mission is to make it easy for suppliers and buyers to do Business Around the Globe. We have also developed Cutting Edge Tools and Marketing Strategies for our Suppliers, Buyers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Traders and Resellers Giving them the Reach to Global Audiences for their Products / Services. We also have “Verified & Trusted” Suppliers so that buyers can purchase from them by using our platform with Assurance and Peace of mind. Brings you Hundreds of Products in many different major Categories including Consumer Electronics, Auto Parts and Industrial Machinery Buyers for these products are located across the Globe and exchange thousands of messages with Suppliers on our Platform each Day We are constantly adding new Categories and Products to our site for the better search. As a platform, we are constantly developing New Technologies to help our customer do more and discover new Opportunities. Whether it’s Sourcing from Multiple Suppliers or Selling to Buyers around the world Abraa.com has you Covered.

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HnA Digital

HnA Digital
HnA Digital

We use the power of social media to make our clients more money

What is HnA Digital?
HnA Digital is a digital marketing company that will manage your digital media presence and use the power of social media to increase the ROI of your business up to x10. The services that HnA Digital offers are:
• Digital Advertisements
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Email Marketing
• Social Media Management
• Lead Generation
How does registration work for the companies?
The customer (client) would choose the type of service that they need from HnA Digital, and then HnA Digital would provide that service, the customer can sign up for the service by either emailing [email protected].
What are the benefits of a company joining HnA Digital?
The benefits for a company joining HnA Digital are that we have experts in the fields in which we offer the services with a proven track record of delivering high-quality results and great customer service. This would allow the customer to focus on their business and not worry about their business digital presence. When a customer signs up with HnA Digital they will initially they will have weekly meetings with their account manager, and then as their campaigns are increasing we will have a meeting fortnightly with our customers to eventually have one meeting a month where we can tell the customer of all the work that has gone into their campaigns and the results that have yielded.
How much does it cost to use HnA Digital?
HnA Digital provides different types of services, that are available either as a stand-alone services or also as packed services, below are the price lists
• Digital Advertisement (Facebook, Instagram Ads) + Ad Spend
£549 a month per platform
£899 a month for 2 platform
This would include managing the ads and optimising them to the customers’ requirements, and then providing the customers with the breakdown of how their ads have performed and matching the campaigns against the customers KPIs.
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
£529 a month which will include a full SEO audit against 2 competitors.
This would include on-page and off-page SEO.
When writing the blogs, the blogs would include (Backlinks, keywords, 2 x800 words SEO optimized blogs, image descriptions, Meta tags, and headings)
• Email Marketing
Email: 1/month £469
This includes fully optimized emails that would provide the clients with the types of services or customers provide, the customer only has to provide their own email list, if they do not have a client list we can then help generate one for them through the use of business lead programs
• Social Media Management
£399 a month for 2 Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat
It includes 3 posts a week on each platform.
This would also include a full social media management plan, aligning the posts with the brand image.
The additional platform would be £149 a month
• Any 2 services
Clients can choose any 2 services and that would cost them £800 a month
• All In one Offer
All in one offer £1449 per month this will include email, SEO, digital advertisements and social media management for up to 2 accounts and 3 posts a week does not include Web Designing so if the customer was to get all of this individually this would cost them £1946 but we can offer all of that for £1449 saving of £497.
One thing that we do say to any customers that sign up with us is that when they sign up that they give us about 3 months trial period so that we have some time to provide sustainable results.
What is your vision for HnA Digital?
The vision for HnA Digital is to provide a high-quality service for its clients (in the marketing industry) and also help them to generate more money, away from the service that it provides HnA Vision is to give back to the community and take part in charity initiatives such as commit to giving 10% of the profits to a food bank charity.
How much do candidates pay to apply on HnA Digital?
This all depends on the price plans that the customer chooses to go with. The stand-alone prices are some of the best there are on the market for a marketing company, however, we know that most of the time that the customer requires one type of service they would also need additional service hence when any two services are taken this would provide them with additional savings, and finally if a customer was to take them all in one offer this would give them, even more, savings and value for money.
When are you planning to launch?
HnA Digital has nearly everything in place to provide its services to its customers right now but needs the last few touch-ups and the planned date to start operating as a business is in January 2023.

Location: Bradford, United Kingdom

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