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Abraa is an Online B2b Marketplace which allow trading from whole across globe

Abraa.com is the foremost platform for worldwide wholesale trade catering suppliers and thousands of buyers around the globe. Through Abraa.com, the suppliers can send their products to the buyers in other countries. Our Mission is to make it easy for suppliers and buyers to do Business Around the Globe. We have also developed Cutting Edge Tools and Marketing Strategies for our Suppliers, Buyers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Traders and Resellers Giving them the Reach to Global Audiences for their Products / Services. We also have “Verified & Trusted” Suppliers so that buyers can purchase from them by using our platform with Assurance and Peace of mind. Brings you Hundreds of Products in many different major Categories including Consumer Electronics, Auto Parts and Industrial Machinery Buyers for these products are located across the Globe and exchange thousands of messages with Suppliers on our Platform each Day We are constantly adding new Categories and Products to our site for the better search. As a platform, we are constantly developing New Technologies to help our customer do more and discover new Opportunities. Whether it’s Sourcing from Multiple Suppliers or Selling to Buyers around the world Abraa.com has you Covered.

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Generative AI based Video Analytics Platform

Securade.ai is an advanced generative AI-based video analytics platform primarily designed to enhance worker safety and productivity, especially in high-risk industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics. Here's a detailed description of this AI tool:

What Securade.ai Does:
* Enhances Workplace Safety: It transforms conventional CCTV camera systems into intelligent safety monitors. By detecting potential safety hazards in real-time, it helps prevent accidents and ensures compliance with safety regulations.
* Improves Productivity: Alongside safety, it assists in monitoring operational processes, helping to identify areas for efficiency improvements.

How It Works:
1. Data Collection and Analysis: The system connects directly to existing CCTV camera feeds, extracting unique frames for analysis.
2. Generative AI Technology: Utilizing generative AI, the platform can create custom AI models tailored to specific use cases from single camera or video feeds. This involves key frame extraction, visual prompting, and zero-shot object detection.
3. Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Once the AI models are trained, they can detect specified safety violations and potential hazards in real-time, issuing alerts to prevent accidents.
4. Policy and Reporting Features: Users can configure safety policies through a web-based interface. The system offers comprehensive reporting and dashboard functionalities for trend analysis and compliance management.

Unique Features:
* Quick and Efficient Model Training: Unlike traditional AI model development that can take weeks, Securade.ai HUB can develop and deploy models in as little as 30-90 minutes.
* Customizable and Modular: The platform offers a high degree of customization, allowing for the development of unique models per camera feed and adaptability to various safety needs.
* Resource Optimization: It reduces the need for extensive AI expertise, democratizing AI adoption across various industries.
* Comprehensive Safety Management: Beyond just monitoring, it integrates with existing safety processes and systems, providing a holistic approach to workplace safety.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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