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Speaking Room

Speaking Room
Speaking Room

We are connecting teachers and students anywhere and anytime. Choose your speaking room and enjoy a place full of speakers.

What is the Speaking Room?

Speaking Room is an online streaming platform for language learning.
There, teachers can stream learning content at any time and anywhere. Users can follow any teacher streamer and not only one.
Speaking Room helps people to learn a new language from different perspectives, find friends with the same levels, and increase their confidence by speaking with different nationalities.

How we can use this platform?
Speaking Room gives to user two options, use it for learning or become a teacher.
Let’s talk about both of them.

Speaking Room for learning.
A lot of people struggle with learning for many reasons but the most famous are:
They aren't confident speaking in a group of people;
They don't understand different accents;
Lessons are boring and monotonous;
Classes are expensive;

Speaking Room’s team decided to resolve this issue. We created a platform with many teachers, each of them has their own “room” and uses his/her exercises for creating exclusive content for groups of people. Users will have the opportunity to book a place in the room and join the class. Or just watching content like the best fun stream with educational content.
Speaking Room is a global platform, so students can join even at night because teachers can be from another time zone.
From mobile phones in public transport? Of course, you can watch streams from anywhere there is an internet connection.
Cooking? Use Speaking Room for listening content. Spend free time with benefits.
Even with the tiny language level, you can enjoy sessions. Teachers’ content is different and suitable for all levels.

Speaking Room for teachers.
Teacher-streamer can create an account on the platform from anywhere.
He/she has a ‘key’ from the ‘room’ which can fully control. The teachers can grow subscribers’ community and create exclusive content which will make them unique. They can set up their own rate by using the Speaking Room ticket system and change it whenever they want. With modern tools, streamers can:
Create amazing content using just their own imagination.
Customize preview.
Set up the capacity of students and the duration of sessions.
Do I need to have certificates for teaching? Yes and no. To start teaching teacher doesn’t need to have a certificate, just willing to teach and improve his/her skills. But if the teacher has one you can use it to get on the top of the streamer’s list and have a special icon beside your nickname.

What’s happening inside the room?
On the Speaking Room platform, you can find lots of different rooms with different languages and topics.
When you visit one of them you will have a few choices.
You can follow the teacher and keep yourself updated with his/her news. If you follow him/her you can reserve a place at the chosen event by using our ticket system, and enter the room as a direct student with having all benefits from the session:
Speaking with a teacher or other students during the session;
Have all materials such as homework, presentation slides etc;
A special visualization of the nickname on the group chat;
Use a dashboard, that is under the teacher’s control, for more fun;
You can buy a monthly VIP subscription on the teacher-streamer and watch his/her content without ads, have access to the chat and get all materials.
Watch it for free with ads and no access to the chat and materials.

How much does all of that cost?

Our team is working on giving to people the best opportunities to learn languages. The price for the ticket is £5 and teachers choose how many tickets they should spend on their session. Different teachers - different prices.
If you chose a VIP subscription you would pay £9.98 a month.
Speaking Room charge only 20% of earnings.

What is your mission?
Speaking Room has a mission to change the streaming world. Right now game streamers earn millions just making content from games. We are pushing language learning to the streaming world. Our team want to show people that they can have fun with a great benefit for them.
Streaming can be useful, and Speaking Room will show that to the whole world!

Location: London, United Kingdom

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