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To help job seekers multiply their chances of being hired abroad, we created a database of companies that accept workers from foreign countries and provide support in obtaining work visas and permits.

Every year millions of people seek job opportunities abroad in developed economies. They spend tons of time applying for positions they will never be hired for. The reason is that the majority of companies don't consider foreign candidates. But there is no way to know it in advance.

To help job seekers multiple their chances to be hired abroad, we created a database of companies that accept workers from foreign countries, sponsor their visas, and provide support in obtaining work visas and permits.
All the candidate needs is to pay for a subscription that grants full access to the list of 10 thousand companies and a hundred thousand open positions in 40 countries, including the USA and Canada, the UK, Sweden, Norway, and others.
Each of them is hand-picked and verified by our team. We regularly update our records and remove closed positions. We also help subscribers increase their chances of getting a job by guiding them in how to build a resume and prepare for an interview. We return money in case the visa rejection.

We launched the MVP five months ago, targeting job seekers from Eastern Europe, and met a great demand. We got about 60,000 visits and reached a 10% sign-up to paid subscriber conversion rate.
Our next stage is launching the service in India, where about 18 million people search for jobs abroad yearly, and most speak English. We're planning to launch the English version of the product this year. We also see a lot of potential in Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, and other markets.

Years of the pandemic revealed the acute need for foreign human resources in developed economies. Many industries suffer from a shortage of workers, and companies are happy to accept foreign employees.
In the USA, for example, there were 10 million unfilled jobs in 2021, and only 8.4 million workers were looking for new opportunities. This not going to change for the better. The developed economies will need more and more workers from abroad, and the candidates from developing countries will continue to look for a better life there.

We are a team of 6 professionals with experience in web development, database building, marketing, design and project management.

We are seeking 450,000 euros for 10% of our company. The money will allow us to launch in India and get to other markets faster. Our goal is to become the number one source of information about jobs overseas.

Location: New York, United States

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AI Tattoo Generators

AI Tattoo Generators
AI Tattoo Generators

Discover more of your tattoo design ideas

Discover the magic of self-expression with our AI Tattoo Generator, a revolutionary tool that transforms your ideas into unique and meaningful body art. Whether you're an artist seeking new inspiration or an individual looking to make a permanent mark on your skin, our AI Tattoo Generator is your creative ally.
Harnessing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, our generator creates custom tattoo designs that resonate with your personal style and story. From intricate tribal patterns to minimalist geometric shapes, the AI Tattoo Generator offers a vast array of artistic possibilities. Its user-friendly interface allows you to input your preferences, including themes, symbols, and colors, ensuring that each design is a true reflection of your identity.
The AI Tattoo Generator is more than just a design tool; it's a collaborative artist that evolves with your tastes. As you engage with it, the generator learns your preferences, crafting designs that are increasingly tailored to your unique vision. It's like having a personal tattoo artist who never runs out of creative ideas, available around the clock to help you express yourself through art.
What distinguishes our AI Tattoo Generator is its dedication to personalization and inclusivity. It's entirely free to use, with no restrictions on features, encouraging you to explore and refine your design preferences without any financial barriers. There are no hidden fees or limitations – just a boundless canvas for your artistic aspirations.
For those looking to make a statement or commemorate a significant moment, the AI Tattoo Generator is an invaluable resource. It can help you create a piece of body art that is not only visually stunning but also deeply personal and meaningful.
In a world where self-expression is paramount, the AI Tattoo Generator bridges the gap between your inner world and the physical form, connecting you with the ancient tradition of body art. It's not just about creating a design; it's about empowering you to wear your story, your beliefs, and your passions on your skin. So why wait? Embark on your journey of self-expression today and let the AI Tattoo Generator help you create a piece of art that will last a lifetime. 🎨✨

Location: GuangZhou, China

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