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Accessibilty Enabler

Accessibilty Enabler
Accessibilty Enabler

We help you to increases compliance with WCAG 2.0, ADA, & Section 508 without changing your website’s existing code.

We're The Accessibility Experts you always wanted.
That was us humbly pointing out a mere fact that we hear from our clients, most often. Woot!

Accessibility Enabler is a boutique of accessibility tools that help people with disability to consume & navigate site content in an efficient way.

That means, this app makes your site accessible for everyone, which indeed increase sales & conversion.

Accessibility isn't just for handicap
Opposite of the above statement is a well-known assumption that we all have. oops! Our common sense is wrong this time.

Fact is, Every human has disabilities caused by ageing, accidents or by birth. It may range from slight visual impairment, mobility impairment, reading impairment to blindness & deafness.

Advantage # 1: Contributing to your sales & conversion
That's right! Having an accessible website increase sales. But How?

Well, accessibility Enabler helps to address the need of differently abled population to navigate & consume the content. By the by, this population is significantly large enough - you just can't choose to ignore.

This population is happy to do business with the people who understand their access needs. Thus you build competitive advantage for self.

Advantage #2: Increase compliance to accessibility regulations
UNCRPD,WCAG 2.0,EU 2016/2102,ATAG 2.0,ADA,Section 50... You may have guessed it right these are various accessibility regulations in the various country

Accessibility Enabler helps to make your site more compliance with accessibility regulations of your country. Thus avoiding lawsuits and a hefty penalty.

Advantage #3: Increasing Brand Value and Showcase Social Responsibility
Accessible site wins the heart of every person. This will build up your brand value among your customers as well as non-customers.

Brands always spread its value not just by quality products - it does so by showing social responsibility as well. Accessibility is one among highly valued social Responsibility.

Location: bangalore, india

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Outdefine is a free tokenized community for global tech talent to network and get remote jobs. Connect, learn, earn and get DEFN tokens.

Talent is global and your location shouldn't limit opportunities. Outdefine's vibrant community of tech professionals are ready to support you in your career. From networking with the best to getting tech jobs, our community is dedicated to helping each other succeed.
Use Outdefine to find full-time and freelance jobs with enterprises globally by creating a profile, setting your rate, and verifying your account as a trusted member.
And for Global Companies, Outdefine offer you to connect with and hire 15,000 tech talent across 115 countries. Hire with trust and transparency. Don‘t waste 30-50% of your budget in hiring fees anymore.
Looking to fill specific roles? Find talent across all industries. Hire for remote, hybrid or onsite positions. Find, hire and pay talent all in one place!
Access trusted talent who have been pre-interviewed. See a talent‘s prior coding, behavioral and in-person interview results and make better hiring decisions.
Have the flexibility to hire talent directly on your payroll or let Outdefine manage the payroll and compliance monthly. Leverage Outdefine‘s recruiting team to source, interview and shortlist qualified talent so you end up making the hire weeks faster.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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