Agent Herbie vs Cinematic Studio

Agent Herbie

Agent Herbie
Agent Herbie

Agent Herbie is an email-based AI intern for founders, managers and executives.

Agent Herbie is an email-based AI intern for founders, managers and executives.

Herbie focuses on research, writing and data analysis so your team can work on bigger goals.

1/ Competitor and Product Research
Agent Herbie can rapidly gather and analyze data on your market, your product and your competitors..

2/ Write blogs, articles and social media posts
Let Herbie write human-quality content personalized for your business.

3/ Analyze internal data and reports
Let Herbie examine internal and external data for trends, and reveal insights and opportunities.

How does it work?

Step 1
Send Herbie an email with your request. It can be writing some content, carrying out research or any type of analysis.

Step 2
Herbie works alongside you to prepare a brief that captures in detail your scope of work, connecting to the Internet where necessary.

Step 3
When Herbie has finished the work, he sends you an email with the result. From here you can review and iterate.

When it comes to generating human-quality results, context is what makes the difference. We integrate with both internal and external data sources.

1/ Search the web
Herbie can actively surf the web in search of information and data for your task.

2/ Analyze video content
Point Herbie to Youtube content to obtain summaries, ask questions and get insights from the video transcripts.

3/ Internal Data Sources
Connect to internal data sources to add further context to any request and personalize the outputs.

Get Agent Herbie to become hyper-productive.

Save Time and Resources
Generate outputs in minutes, reducing time and effort for research and writing.

24/7 Availability
Unlike human interns, Herbie is available round the clock for continuous productivity.

Adaptive Learning
Herbie quickly learns and adapts to your business needs, ensuring tailored assistance.

Human at the Helm
Herbie boosts team efficiency while preserving the human element in decisions.

Enhanced Decision Making
Provides data-driven insights, aiding in more informed decision-making processes.

Cost-Effective Solution
Reduces the need for multiple interns, offering a budget-friendly solution.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Cinematic Studio

Cinematic Studio
Cinematic Studio


Hi fellow creators,

John from Cinematic Studio here! Here's my story, in a nutshell: about 3 years ago, I've started building a video editor I'd love:
- incredibly simple to use
- fast - very fast
- achieve amazing results

I know what you're thinking: but that's what all the other video editing apps are saying

For the ✨CREATIVE✨ part, that's you.
For the 🚀FAST🚀 part, you have instant preview 👉 everywhere 👈 Even when hovering the timeline! (yes yes, like Final Cut)
For the ⭐SIMPLE⭐ part, here's a sneak peak:

And a few bonuses:
🔸Animate everything : With keyframes, you can animate any property your heart desires. Text size, position, blur, even color!
🛠 Tools: I've given you tools to do quick edits. All with instant preview. Like, Blade (see exactly where you're about to cut), Speed (you can even resize to speed) or Advanced editing such as Roll/Slide/Slip edits, again, with instant preview.
✨ Effects / Text Effects / Transitions : I've added 100+ effects you can instantly use - drag and drop, adjust properties, and you're done!
🎵 More than 20 Royalty FREE tracks you can add to your video project

I could talk for ages about how Cinematic Studio saves you time, but you can check it our for yourself ;)

I'll end this with a productivity tip: Arrow hotkeys have SUPERPOWERS.

In timeline,
- if nothing is selected, left/right arrows move the mouse one frame to left/right; up/down arrows move 10 frames left/right
- if an item (such as, a video) is selected, left/right arrows move the item one frame to left/right; up/down arrows move 10 frames left/right
- if an item is selected for resize, left/right arrows will resize the item one frame to left/right; up/down arrows resize 10 frames left/right
- If you have keyframes visible, they will apply to the selected keyframe or keyframe segment
In My Media
- If you hover a video, left/right arrows move the mouse one frame to left/right; up/down arrows move 10 frames left/right

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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