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Agent Herbie

Agent Herbie
Agent Herbie

Agent Herbie is an email-based AI intern for founders, managers and executives.

Agent Herbie is an email-based AI intern for founders, managers and executives.

Herbie focuses on research, writing and data analysis so your team can work on bigger goals.

1/ Competitor and Product Research
Agent Herbie can rapidly gather and analyze data on your market, your product and your competitors..

2/ Write blogs, articles and social media posts
Let Herbie write human-quality content personalized for your business.

3/ Analyze internal data and reports
Let Herbie examine internal and external data for trends, and reveal insights and opportunities.

How does it work?

Step 1
Send Herbie an email with your request. It can be writing some content, carrying out research or any type of analysis.

Step 2
Herbie works alongside you to prepare a brief that captures in detail your scope of work, connecting to the Internet where necessary.

Step 3
When Herbie has finished the work, he sends you an email with the result. From here you can review and iterate.

When it comes to generating human-quality results, context is what makes the difference. We integrate with both internal and external data sources.

1/ Search the web
Herbie can actively surf the web in search of information and data for your task.

2/ Analyze video content
Point Herbie to Youtube content to obtain summaries, ask questions and get insights from the video transcripts.

3/ Internal Data Sources
Connect to internal data sources to add further context to any request and personalize the outputs.

Get Agent Herbie to become hyper-productive.

Save Time and Resources
Generate outputs in minutes, reducing time and effort for research and writing.

24/7 Availability
Unlike human interns, Herbie is available round the clock for continuous productivity.

Adaptive Learning
Herbie quickly learns and adapts to your business needs, ensuring tailored assistance.

Human at the Helm
Herbie boosts team efficiency while preserving the human element in decisions.

Enhanced Decision Making
Provides data-driven insights, aiding in more informed decision-making processes.

Cost-Effective Solution
Reduces the need for multiple interns, offering a budget-friendly solution.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Bringing Expertise To Inspiration

MentorSocial aims to provide mentees with an engaging, interactive platform where they can easily connect with mentors from various industries and backgrounds. The app's Q&A dashboard allows mentees to ask questions related to their desired career fields, while mentors can answer via short video or audio clips. The platform encourages an open exchange of knowledge and guidance, making mentorship accessible to all.

Here's what MentorSocial offers:
1. Diverse Mentor Network: Gain access to experienced mentors spanning a wide range of industries, ensuring you find the perfect match for your unique goals and interests.
2. Advanced Search: Utilize a powerful keyword-based search feature to easily explore industry-specific questions and find relevant information tailored to your needs.
3. Engaging Gamification: Incentivize mentor-mentee interactions with a points-based system, rewarding users for asking and answering questions. Redeem points for exclusive rewards such as gift cards, discounts, and merchandise.
4. Company Collaboration: Discover company pages that offer direct connections to career, educational, and volunteer opportunities, helping you take the next step in your professional journey.
5. Knowledge-Boosting Webinars: Expand your learning experience with webinars that provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies from industry professionals and experienced mentors.
6. AI-Driven Support: Receive real-time assistance from our advanced AI, which generates reliable answers to questions, ensuring you have access to valuable information whenever you need it.

Location: Miami, United States

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