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B2B enterprise software automation tools

Agilean is a SaaS enterprise workflow automation and project management software solution that is basically created to be used by IT enterprises.The main features of Agilean include project planning, execution & monitor, SCRUM and KANBAN board, impediments and response plan, stand up meeting automation, release management, retrospective analysis, and visualized reports.

It is highly customizable and user-friendly tool, able to set your automated Kanban work-flow process in 2 mins with 50 Built-in templates

With Agilean, workflow automation not only lets you speed up but also improve the existing assignments based on your organization's or your clients' needs.


One of the most prominent solutions which can make end-end automation of meeting and be generating automatic meeting minutes & follow-ups in due time.

We are introducing Minutes-as-a-Service (MaaS) from leveraging AI and NLP. Since most of our calls are very important and required to capture meeting minutes, Acta will save a lot of time and money.

Current scenario and problems are:

Manual scribing of minutes of meetings
Missing out on decisions & action points
Missing the follow-up on action points
No means to go back to the meeting conversation
Loss of time & money due to execution delays.
Loss of success rate, the reputation of org or teams
With , we can eliminate all these problems in a single shot

Location: Bangalore, India

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A PRM (Partner Relationship Management) platform for SMB's in the IT industry.

Meet Partnerplace – your dynamic PRM (Partner Relationship Management) platform designed with the IT industry in mind! Picture a tool that adapts seamlessly to your unique business needs – our modular approach allows you to select the features that fit you best without paying for anything that you will not need.

With our White-label magic, your partners will feel right at home, surrounded by your brand's familiar colors, domain and logo.

We've packed Partnerplace with engaging tools to foster collaboration. From taunting partners with potential commissions available for the taking, to gamification features and insights - we are all about keeping the excitement alive for both sides of the partnership.

Every single change, from a switch in commissions to a lead status update is recorded and visible to both sides, creating harmony in your partnerships. We want to become the single point of truth when it comes to your interactions with the partners.

With our SaaS platform, you can focus on expanding your partner network without worrying about hosting or updates. Our modern tech stack gives us the upper hand, enabling lightning-fast feature iterations (expect at least one new feature every month!) and keeping costs way below the competition.

Say hello to seamless partnerships with Partnerplace – where innovation meets collaboration, all in one dynamic package!

Location: Szczecin, Poland

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