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Build an Amazon Affiliates store on Shopify

Agora is a Shopify app that makes it easy to add Amazon Affiliate products to your Shopify store. Products imported into your store via Agora are imported as native Shopify products, but instead of checking out like normal, customers are redirected to the Amazon product with your Associate ID, so you collect your affiliate commission when a customer makes a purchase. This is a great place to start for someone interested in starting an eCommerce store, as you can learn the ropes without having to purchase and manage stock. As you learn the skills needed to run an online store, the fact that you're already on Shopify means it's super simple to eventually switch to your very own products!

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loyalnow is a NPS platform for SaaS business to learn fast how to improve Customer Satisfaction

loyalnow is a NPS platform for SaaS business to learn fast how to improve Customer Satisfaction

With segment function, you can group your clients that have common characteristics and analyze the NPS in a segmented way. This assists in analyzing who your customers are more and less satisfied with, enabling effective and targeted action.

Survey Customization
Customize the survey according to your needs. You can customize the question to fit your product, language and social share link for promoters.

You can create any projects in same loyalnow account. It's great tool to measure differents versions of your products, features and periods of time.

And more
Feedback Rates: View feedback rates for your surveys.
Trends: Glance at trends based on the created tags.
NPS over time: View progress over long-term NPS surveys.
Multilanguage: We’ve got you covered with support for more than 20 different languages..
Export: Instantly export all data from any campaign.

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