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Location: Melbourne, Australia

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Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning

Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning
Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning

Nice Threads is not only the most trusted carpet cleaner in Townsville but the only provider with WoolSafe® Approved Service Certification.

Established in 2012, Nice Threads provides a fully trained team that takes extra care of your carpet, upholstery and other surfaces so they stay cleaner for longer. Most people think that with carpet cleaning it’s one size fits all, but for a qualified carpet cleaner, nothing could be further from reality. We use the most premium products and equipment available on the market because we care about achieving the best possible result, while also treating your fabric or carpet with the utmost consideration.

At Nice Threads, we have taken the time to understand the materials and products we work with everyday so we can provide unbelievable results. Combine this with five-star customer service and it’s easy to understand why we are the top rated carpet cleaning service in Townsville.

Location: Townsville, Australia

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