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Connect multiple AI models easily.

AI-FLOW is an innovative open-source platform designed to simplify how creators and innovators harness the power of artificial intelligence. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, AI-FLOW enables you to effortlessly connect and combine leading AI models, crafting custom AI tools tailored to your unique needs.

Key Features:
1. Diverse AI Model Integration: Gain access to a suite of top-tier AI models, including GPT-4, DALL-E 3, Stable Diffusion, Mistral, LLaMA, and more—all in one convenient location.
2. Drag-and-Drop Interface: Build complex AI workflows with ease—no coding required—thanks to our intuitive design.
3. Custom AI Tool Creation: Design bespoke AI solutions quickly, from image generation to language processing.
4. Local Data Storage: Maintain full control over your data with options for local storage and the ability to export as JSON files.

AI-FLOW is a versatile platform that empowers you to construct tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you're streamlining social media content creation, summarizing YouTube videos, upscaling AI-generated images, or converting text descriptions into video clips, AI-FLOW provides the tools you need to innovate and excel.

Location: Anitbes, France

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Isourse Technologies PVT. LTD.

Isourse Technologies PVT. LTD.
Isourse Technologies PVT. LTD.

We are a one-stop tech solutions provider with an aim to automate the whole e-commerce, supply chain, and logistics sectors with our isovative solutions.

Isourse means “I am the source of innovation” and with this aim in mind. We are driven to provide best spoken and innovative solutions for tech infra e-commerce and other supply chain related solutions.
With our industry 4.0 ready solutions we are determined to create a supply chain empire with reduced CAPEX & OPEX and maximize operational efficiency, we are here to automate and optimize as many businesses as possible.
Since innovation is where our roots lie, we are aiming to out stretch it to the secluded parts of the world, and to enable our clients to grow their businesses by providing them with the finest tech-infra and managed services thereby building a long lasting relationship.

Isourse technologies comprises a highly professional team that indulge in a thorough business study and on that basis creates customized solutions as per your unique business demands. At Isourse Technologies we equip our clients with our isovative solutions like.

There is a great potential in our traditional stores' network and time has come to leverage the huge potential lying there. Our system helps the Ecommerce & Supply Chain sector to connect all dots to make the LM shorter and quicker at a minimal cost implication.
Our hyperlocal software can help you with,

Partner Onboarding
Onboard Stores, Manpower Vendors, Riders, Partners, etc. through our Hyperlocal system.

Last Mile Delivery
Track your delivery partner through Geofencing on the mobile application and step into the futuristic world of Q Commerce.

Automate and optimize the operations in your warehouse with our AI & Machine learning based software that will assist you in.

Inventory Management
With increased visibility of real-time inventories you can get accurate demand forecasts and supply charts.

Floor Management
Get AI crafted floor plans and pick-up routes to optimize operations in your warehouse.

Order Management
Integrate order placement data and streamline all your logistics and e-commerce

From Manufacturer/Warehouses/Fulfillment hubs to End Customer; Get real-time visibility of the freight and achieve lightning fast deliveries.
Get a real time update from your first mile, middle mile to last mile delivery.

With our customized and AI supported ERP you can full-fill your unique organizational needs.

Location: New Delhi , India

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