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Access 100+ AI Models with a Single API: Your 24/7 AI Solution

For startups with an established user base, prioritizing cost-effective and efficient solutions in artificial intelligence is crucial. Relying on expensive, well-known AI service providers can quickly drain your budget. Instead, consider alternatives like open-source models, which can reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency, sometimes even outperforming established models like GPT-3.5.

Introducing AI/ML API
AI/ML API is an innovative platform that empowers developers by providing streamlined access to a diverse array of AI and machine learning capabilities. This platform features over 100 AI models tailored to various needs, including:

Predictive Analytics: For forecasting trends and behaviors.
Natural Language Processing: For understanding and generating human language.
Image Recognition: For analyzing and interpreting visual data.
Ideal for Businesses, Startups, and Innovation Labs
AI/ML API is designed for businesses, startups, and innovation labs aiming to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge AI technologies into their applications. With an extensive selection of ready-to-deploy AI models, the platform supports a variety of applications, making it a top choice for developers working on everything from simple prototypes to complex AI systems.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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Single Touch Payroll designed specifically for small businesses

Single Touch Payroll (STP) for small businesses and accountants. With Payroller, employers and accountants can run payroll, view/edit/send payslips, manage leave and add/edit employee details. Available on web app or on mobile with Payroller app.

Location: Sydney, Australia

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