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Geospatial Hologram Technology

The Internet provides the ability to discover, experience, purchase, and customize content within a computer. But this content doesn't add value to the world around you. Aireal enables people to discover and experience digital content in the real world, purchasing and customizing the content within volumetric blocks tied to physical locations. This digital real estate supports the placement of 2D, 3D, Video and Interactive Content that can be experienced through the use of mobile and wearable technologies. Through the eyes of technology, Aireal allows digital content to coexist with reality.

Aireal’s proprietary technology offers new and unique ways to interact with the world around you like never before. Content providers have the option to purchase volumetric Airspace anywhere in the world. Airspace is a patented method that defines a series of Cartesian Coordinates (longitude, latitude and altitude) as a volumetric piece of digital real estate that is available to purchase. Within Airspace, 2D, 3D, video and interactive content can be placed for others to experience. Aireal will enable users to experience content that is blended with their real world through the use of mobile and/or wearable technologies.

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Ather Energy Dealership Ather Franchise

Ather Energy Dealership Ather Franchise
Ather Energy Dealership Ather Franchise

We, an Ather Energy Dealership chain is inviting Ather Electric Scooter Dealership Application.

Do you want to become a ather dealership or a partner of a popular brand in India? Are you planning to start a ather scooter dealership in your location? Want to take up a business with a World-class brand in the two wheeler industry? So, choosing ATHER Electric Scooter Dealership would be a great option. In this article we discuss about getting ATHER Dealership, investment, commission, applying process, documents required and much more.

If you want to open an Ather Energy dealership in India than you need to Apply And follow some easy steps to get it. Visit our official franchise/channel development website a A location in which minimum space 1800-2200 sq. ft. Minimum radius of 10 km metro city of the other dealership unit. Go to Apply section and fill the requirements very carefully. If we will have vacancy in your applied area than our executive will contact you. You will get a application form that you need to filled up and send us.
Ather Dealership Investment Cost
To open a Ather scooter Dealership we need managerial skills that will add a big advantage to overstep into this business. A successful entrepreneur who have run his/her business very smoothly and successfully throughout the year. A committed person who keeps the customer satisfaction on high priority. A person who can develop him/herself according to the situation that situation can positive or negative. A person required who have spirit to never give up. For a Ather Showroom, the cost of investment that an investor has to incur in order to become a Ather Dealership owner comes to around 50 Lakhs rupees. For sub-dealership, an investor will have to put up around 1 crore rupees in order to own a Ather Dealership.

Why choose Ather Dealership?
Ather Energy has earned a good reputation in the e-vehicle market. With their large network of service across the country, they offer a hassle-free ownership experience. The vehicles made by them are well designed and have a classy look with great comfort.

Location: Mumbai, India

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