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Geospatial Hologram Technology

The Internet provides the ability to discover, experience, purchase, and customize content within a computer. But this content doesn't add value to the world around you. Aireal enables people to discover and experience digital content in the real world, purchasing and customizing the content within volumetric blocks tied to physical locations. This digital real estate supports the placement of 2D, 3D, Video and Interactive Content that can be experienced through the use of mobile and wearable technologies. Through the eyes of technology, Aireal allows digital content to coexist with reality.

Aireal’s proprietary technology offers new and unique ways to interact with the world around you like never before. Content providers have the option to purchase volumetric Airspace anywhere in the world. Airspace is a patented method that defines a series of Cartesian Coordinates (longitude, latitude and altitude) as a volumetric piece of digital real estate that is available to purchase. Within Airspace, 2D, 3D, video and interactive content can be placed for others to experience. Aireal will enable users to experience content that is blended with their real world through the use of mobile and/or wearable technologies.

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Comprehensive Cloud Workplace solution delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Cloodo is an all-in-one workspace platform that provides a seamless connection between a company’s internal resources and outsourced resources. This platform is designed to meet the growing demand for a hybrid business model and the need for multi-branch business divisions within global corporations. With Cloodo, companies can effectively manage their workforce and adapt to changing business needs by integrating external and internal resources. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in managing a company’s workforce.

Cloodo’s platform includes a variety of features and tools to support businesses in managing their workforce. These may include tools for project management, team collaboration, communication, and resource allocation. By providing a centralized platform for managing both internal and external resources, Cloodo helps companies streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.

In addition to its core workspace platform, Cloodo may also offer additional services to support businesses in their growth and success. These may include consulting services, training and development programs, and customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of individual businesses.

Overall, Cloodo’s comprehensive workspace platform provides businesses with the tools and support they need to effectively manage their workforce and adapt to changing business needs.

Location: Middletown, United States

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