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Rule Air, Through Air. Control you AC through WiFi on your mobile phone and save energy, money and time.

AirPatrol produces smart home products, to help you save money, time and connivance. Connect to your heat pumps, AC's, electrical outlets, and underfloor heating systems through our award-winning mobile application. Get up to date energy consumption, cost savings, and set notifications to fit your preferences.

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Host online meetings and let Peerspeax capture and transcribe your sessions on “autopilot.”

When working remotely, do you struggle to communicate with your clients and colleagues? Do you make hastily handwritten notes and to-do lists, struggling to decipher your own thought-patterns hours later? How can you possibly remember the context of every note you take?

Using Peerspeax, you can focus and participate in meetings knowing that it is all captured in a single place, and in the context of the conversation.
Your meetings are automatically transcribed to give you a head start on your post-meeting tasks. Jump to bookmarked bits and create action items straight from the transcription.

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