Akrahealth vs MusicMe



Akrahealth is an EMR Platform for healthcare professionals.

Our EMR Platform is a complete solution for healthcare providers and assistants to connect with out-patients and expand their network. Doctors utilize our platform for safe healthcare interoperability, quick access to patient's medical records, and video consultation improving patient quality care, experience, and engagement

All this means that our free EMR gives you more time to do what you love—providing care—and less time spent on administrative tasks. And it's all done in one place!

Our EMR Platform employs high-end patient features from EHR to Scheduling Appointment for Online Doctor Consultation ensuring Protected Health Information using SaaS & Bloackchain.

Location: chennai, INDIA

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Social Music Discovery app

MusicMe is about bringing together communities of music lovers so share and rate music, whether it's a live concert or on a record. Whatever music you listen too, share it with MusicMe.

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