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Superspace to grow and lift everything you do — from work and business to networking — to new heights is an AI-driven platform with globally discoverable profiles that supercharges you for potential employers and clients, and improves the ranking of your works. It has built-in dynamic DNAs of skills and qualities to reveal your top talent, personalized profile URLs, and ideally SEO-optimized structure with external links to your works to boost their search visibility. helps creators, visionaries, innovators, leaders, and top-tier talents shine and gain unparalleled exposure, opening new opportunities. It contributes to building meaningful strong connections through mutual support of each other's sides on the platform and connects you with people through shortcuts to other social apps and platforms (over 30+ automatically recognized apps).

Location: New York, US

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Globaldyne Systems

Globaldyne Systems
Globaldyne Systems

We offer a new service, virtual desktops, which will transform the personal computing industry.

We believe that personal computers should last longer than 4-5 years before you have to upgrade. That's why we created virtual desktops, which moves your personal computer to the cloud allowing you to access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone in the world all while saving you money. We ensure that your virtual desktop stays as fast as the day you get it by adding more hardware (CPU, RAM) as soon as it starts to slow down freeing you from having to spend time and money updating your computer every few years.

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