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Superspace to grow and lift everything you do — from work and business to networking — to new heights is an AI-driven platform with globally discoverable profiles that supercharges you for potential employers and clients, and improves the ranking of your works. It has built-in dynamic DNAs of skills and qualities to reveal your top talent, personalized profile URLs, and ideally SEO-optimized structure with external links to your works to boost their search visibility. helps creators, visionaries, innovators, leaders, and top-tier talents shine and gain unparalleled exposure, opening new opportunities. It contributes to building meaningful strong connections through mutual support of each other's sides on the platform and connects you with people through shortcuts to other social apps and platforms (over 30+ automatically recognized apps).

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Save up to $25,000 on 60+ SaaS deals for your startup. It’s totally free!

It’s time to enable all of the entrepreneurs to access the best resources for free to start and grow their business.

This is the why we negotiated and curated at Secret 50+ amazing SaaS deals. They help you with your cloud hosting, your growth, your marketing automation, your product… They help save up to $20,000+! As an example, you could benefit from:

$1,000 credit on AWS

$2,000 credit on Airtable

$2,000 credit on Freshworks

6 months free on Mailjet

$1,000 credit on Algolia

6 months free on Hotjar

6 months free on Typeform

12 months free on Zendesk

6 months free on Sendinblue

€1,000 credit on Clever Cloud

So how does that work? Sign up on and fill in your application form. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Guaranteed. Once your application is approved, access all of the deals and activate the ones you are interested in!

Grow your startup with the best software on Secret. It’s free!

Location: Paris, France

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