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Animalous is an anonymous and secure communication app with true end-to-end encryption

We represent honest people and reputable businesses, who do not want to share their private lives or confidential business information with any government, police, or other unauthorized third parties. Animalous is built for people who have concerns about backdoors being present in popular messaging apps. We laid emphasis mainly on the maximum degree of security and the simplicity of usage. Besides the classical sending of text messages, the application enables the sending of files and the novelties such as audio calls and video calls.

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My AskAI

My AskAI
My AskAI

AI customer support chatbots for SaaS businesses that reduce support tickets by 75%, overnight

My AskAI is your AI customer support chatbot, available 24/7 to give instant answers to your customers on your site or over email.

Trained on your company's knowledge your chatbot ensures your customers always have an answer to their questions and will pass them over to your (human) team if it is unable to answer, giving the best of both worlds and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Find out what your common issues or questions are in an instant with AI insights so you can spend less time on generic queries and more time developing your product.

We see on average 79% of conversations are resolved directly by the AI across our users, saving thousands of hours of support time that can be spent on more strategic opportunities.

Reduce your support requests by over 75%, overnight, with My AskAI.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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