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Anybe is the 1st platform for psychological tourism providing a possibility of walking in someone else's shoes for one day.

Anybe is a California based startup that connects Guides of specific trade and lifestyle to Guests who are curious to spend a day immersed into a new social or professional role.
It’s a marketplace of life-changing experiences.
Ever dreamt about walking in a stranger’s shoes? It used to be impossible, but now you can easily do it! You can fulfill your childhood dreams, you can test out any alternative career paths, or you can just follow your curiosity and go on an adventure to be a shadow of an extra–ordinary person.

Location: Los Angeles, United States

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Prox, Inc.

Prox, Inc.
Prox, Inc.

Expert advice on tap, instantly schedule 1:1 video calls.

Prox is a curated network of top experts from best selling authors, TEDx speakers, business advisors, influencers, and content creators. Get personalized advice, real insight, and timely answers from people who have proven related success.

Location: Aliso Viejo, United States

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