Apex Scoring System vs Hairguard

Apex Scoring System

Apex Scoring System
Apex Scoring System

APEX Scoring System is a brand tracking and marketing reporting software that scores audience engagement, builds better relationships, and grows organizational success - ask your audience the standard

APEX is focused on improving brand loyalty for clients to transform engagement to become audience-focused for long-lasting connections. Our scoring system is based on 16 specific metrics that define the way people feel and what they believe, tied to actual business performance. APEX’s proprietary data computes to give your brand a score, providing an overall view of performance that your team and the wider organization can rally behind. APEX isn’t simply a marketing tool, It’s an organizational investment that leads to better audience experiences by encouraging messaging, operations, service, and product development to align closely with your audience’s pressing desires.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Hairguard helps men and women fight hair loss naturally.

We started Hairguard with a simple mission to help people get back their healthy hair. We've come a long way since our early days but the products we've made along the way are changing people's lives, giving them ​more hair and less worries.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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