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Appsedia is a web-based analytics tool that turns social chatter into actionable insights.

We realized that there was a gap between what customers were looking for and the information they were actually getting from their apps. Our team decided to start building an app that would solve these problems and provide the right solutions.

Our core principles:

- Our vision and goal for Appsedia is Quality over Quantity. That's why we slowly grow our internal app library to ensure a high-quality result for our machine learning models.
- We strongly believe that happier customers equals more growth and revenue for our clients. By providing knowledge to our customers, they can invest their money in other areas to grow faster.
- Our philosophy is Your Success is our Success. Appsedia grows and becomes more accurate over time, which in turn helps our clients become even more successful.

One of our two main focuses at Appsedia is to better understand the app market. Knowing which apps users like, dislike, or generally show high interest in can be an important metric for any business decision. Appsedia measures several key metrics from app reviews and from the social media platforms, Twitter and Reddit. We turn these key metrics into our Social Health Score which can be further filtered and broken down.

In addition, the app analysis gives our clients a complete understanding of what is happening with their selected app and can compare it to up to 4 other apps on the market. Appsedia gives our customers the ability to perform app analytics that are normally only available to companies with their own data science team, giving them a competitive advantage.

Appsedia runs on the basis of two core functionalities:

1. Sentiment Analysis gives you the ability to know if your users are talking positively or negatively about an app. Understanding this and being able to dive deeper into each of these reviews opens up a whole new and deeper understanding of how an app is received in the market.

2. Natural Language Processing is a very complex challenge that Appsedia has to overcome. To match our customers' opinions and feelings about a review, they have the ability to delete, add, or change the sentiment and topic classification. Appsedia's machine learning algorithm learns about these changes over time to adjust newly incoming reviews and produce more accurate results.

Appsedia comes with a 14-day free trial, and no credit card is required.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

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Fincake investment management with its trailblazing web3 platform. investment management with its trailblazing web3 platform. It unifies traditional and crypto portfolios, serving retail and institutional investors. Advanced analytics and AI simplify portfolio tracking and decision-making, providing personalized risk insights. Our user-friendly design, robust security, and track record in user growth position us for scale and sustainability is a comprehensive financial analytics platform that bridges traditional and decentralized finance. We offer extensive insights and customizable analytics across a broad spectrum of financial assets, equipping investors with the tools they need for efficient decision-making.
Our user-centric approach has garnered significant growth and retention rates since our launch, attracting thousands of tech-savvy investors predominantly in the CIS region.
We aim to expand globally, starting with the U.S. and South Asia. Within a month of alpha testing (226 users) is trusted by thousands of users from the CIS.
Technically, Fincake functions as a tracker for all assets. Through APIs and coordinated parsing, it collects information from multiple brokers, banks, exchange and blockchains. The system enables users to visualize, analyze, execute, and aggregate transactions. Users can track NFTs, tokens associated with wallets, revenue. . All this information is summarized in convenient tables and charts, adding a social component to stimulate activity within the platform

Location: Delaware, Соединенные Штаты

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