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Get unlimited questions and answers for your high school and college courses!

Enhance your learning experience with our exclusive AI chatbot, designed to be more education-focused than ChatGPT and available 24/7 to boost your GPA.

Key Features of Asksia:

📘 Extensive Curriculum Coverage
- Subjects Offered: US History, Psychology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Chemistry, World History, European History.

📸 Scan for Homework Solutions
- Step-by-Step Solutions: Tackle complex problems with clear, detailed instructions.
- Key Concepts: Deepen your understanding of essential concepts with thorough explanations.
- Detailed Steps Showcase: Each question is broken down in detail, ensuring higher accuracy and understanding.
- Diverse Practice: Engage with a variety of similar and follow-up questions to reinforce learning.

📊 Accurate, Visual Mathematical Models
- Visualizations: Generate accurate visual representations of complex mathematical concepts for easier understanding.
- Simplified Process: Upload the topic to receive visual aids without needing advanced technical skills.

🖥️ Expertise in Computer Science
- Programming Languages: Java, Python, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, Go, and more.
- Dependencies: Understand how software components rely on each other.
- Data Structures & Algorithms: Master building blocks and methods of efficient computing.
- Machine Learning: Dive into algorithms, data models, and automation.
- Computer Science Theory: Explore concepts like State Machines, Relational Algebra, and Proofs.

🔗 Precise and Automatic Video Linking
- Video Assistance: Automatically links to the most relevant explanatory videos, verifying their availability to enhance understanding.

🎓 Subject Expert Guidance
- Test Prep: Utilize AI-generated practice quizzes to identify areas needing improvement.
- Professional Grading: Get detailed feedback from expert evaluations.

📜 Tap into History, Chart Your Future
- Historical Insight: Gain deep insights from history to inform future decisions.
- Knowledge Packs: Easily share and access personalized review materials.

🔬 Robust Repository of Real Exam Questions
- Advanced AI Infrastructure: Benefit from state-of-the-art AI technology for fast and accurate answers.
- Extensive Question Bank: Access over 300,000+ questions for comprehensive exam preparation.

🌐 Language Flexibility
- Cross-Language Understanding: Read and comprehend materials in your preferred language to facilitate easier learning.

Location: Chicago, United States

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The best bot for moderation and promotion of chats and Telegram channels.

SharkHelper is the most useful bot for moderating and promoting chats and channels.
We plan to constantly supplement the functionality with useful functions, priority is given to the functionality for promoting and protecting chats and channels.

At the moment, the bot's functionality is not very wide, but we plan to expand it, supplement the bot with useful functions in the first place and do everything possible to make users like SharkHelper :)

Below is a description of the functions that became available on the bot's release.

💬Welcome message
You can customize the welcome message for those who entered the chat and add up to 7 inline buttons to it.

🚨Access to messages
If a user enters your chat, then he will have to subscribe to your channel to access writing messages.

🚫Forbidden words
You can make any words prohibited in the chat, and the bot will delete messages containing these words and issue warnings to the offender. Upon reaching 3 warnings, the user will be muted in the chat for the time set by the admin.

🗑Delete joins
The bot will delete messages user entered the chat, user left the chat and user invited user

Functions that will become available after an early update (the bot may have already been updated at the time of reading the article):

🛡Protect chat from bots
You can configure the protection against bots function, and the bot will delete or prohibit users from writing messages with Arabic characters in their names or messages.

🌙Night mode
You will be able to configure the night mode function, and the bot will turn off the ability to chat until the morning.

👮‍♂️Block entrance
You will be able to configure the login blocking function, and the bot will delete users who entered your chat en masse in the time that you configure. For example, if 4 users have entered the chat in the last 5 seconds.

🛠Create captcha
You can set up a captcha in your chat, and the bot will show the captcha to new chat users. If they do not pass the captcha, they will not get access to the chat.

🏷Promo code system
And a few more functions, one of which will promote your chat to the tops :)

We plan to constantly supplement the functionality with useful functions, priority is given to the functionality for promoting and protecting chats and channels.

We decided to please the users of this wonderful site :)

1. Connect your chats to the bot and activate at least one function
2. Send the text thestartupinc here and we will give you 2 weeks of paid subscription with access to all functionality absolutely free.

From SW. SharkSale Team🦈

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

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