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Get unlimited questions and answers for your high school and college courses!

Enhance your learning experience with our exclusive AI chatbot, designed to be more education-focused than ChatGPT and available 24/7 to boost your GPA.

Key Features of Asksia:

πŸ“˜ Extensive Curriculum Coverage
- Subjects Offered: US History, Psychology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Chemistry, World History, European History.

πŸ“Έ Scan for Homework Solutions
- Step-by-Step Solutions: Tackle complex problems with clear, detailed instructions.
- Key Concepts: Deepen your understanding of essential concepts with thorough explanations.
- Detailed Steps Showcase: Each question is broken down in detail, ensuring higher accuracy and understanding.
- Diverse Practice: Engage with a variety of similar and follow-up questions to reinforce learning.

πŸ“Š Accurate, Visual Mathematical Models
- Visualizations: Generate accurate visual representations of complex mathematical concepts for easier understanding.
- Simplified Process: Upload the topic to receive visual aids without needing advanced technical skills.

πŸ–₯️ Expertise in Computer Science
- Programming Languages: Java, Python, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, Go, and more.
- Dependencies: Understand how software components rely on each other.
- Data Structures & Algorithms: Master building blocks and methods of efficient computing.
- Machine Learning: Dive into algorithms, data models, and automation.
- Computer Science Theory: Explore concepts like State Machines, Relational Algebra, and Proofs.

πŸ”— Precise and Automatic Video Linking
- Video Assistance: Automatically links to the most relevant explanatory videos, verifying their availability to enhance understanding.

πŸŽ“ Subject Expert Guidance
- Test Prep: Utilize AI-generated practice quizzes to identify areas needing improvement.
- Professional Grading: Get detailed feedback from expert evaluations.

πŸ“œ Tap into History, Chart Your Future
- Historical Insight: Gain deep insights from history to inform future decisions.
- Knowledge Packs: Easily share and access personalized review materials.

πŸ”¬ Robust Repository of Real Exam Questions
- Advanced AI Infrastructure: Benefit from state-of-the-art AI technology for fast and accurate answers.
- Extensive Question Bank: Access over 300,000+ questions for comprehensive exam preparation.

🌐 Language Flexibility
- Cross-Language Understanding: Read and comprehend materials in your preferred language to facilitate easier learning.

Location: Chicago, United States

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Sonic is your all-in-one tool for managing 𝕏 content. Save, organize, draft, schedule posts in one place. Turn 𝕏 bookmarks into content library

### **Why Sonic**

Sonic is created to solves four problems for anyone who wants to grow their online biz.

1. **Build Your Content Library:** Sonic turn your 𝕏 bookmarks into a powerful content library. Use 𝕏 bookmarks for later reference and crafting your own content.
2. **Authentic Notes:** With Sonic's note-taking feature, jot down thoughts on other’s posts as they come. Your personal thoughts are more authentic and way more engaging than AI-generated content.
3. **Distribute Like a Pro** (work in progress)**:**
- **Know Where to Post:** Sonic AI will research and provide a curated list of platforms ideal for promoting your content, from IndieHackers and Twitter to LinkedIn and specific subreddits. Say goodbye to guesswork and let Sonic guide you to the best spots for visibility.
- **Format it Right:** Different platforms? No worries. Sonic adjusts your content to fit each one perfectly.

### **What Sets Us Apart:**

- **Ownership:** We save your content & bookmarks on your device. You never lose access to valuable content, even if they're deleted from **𝕏** . πŸ›‘οΈ
- **Personal** **Knowledge Base:** Sonic can be used not only for business purposes but also for personal use. You can save and organize posts that interest you and capture notes for personal reference. And for personal use, Sonic is free forever!
- **SupaFast:** Our goal is to build the fastest experience for creating & distributing your content.

### **Key Features**

1. **Auto Sync:** Sonic automatically syncs your **𝕏** bookmarks posts & threads every 5 minutes πŸ”„
2. **Permanent Save:** Your saved posts remain accessible even if they're removed from 𝕏. πŸ•’
3. **Turbo Search:** Find posts in the blink of an eye with our lightning-fast search feature, locate any post in your feed without endless scrolling. ⚑
4. **Tags:** Powerful tagging interface to organize and access your saved posts quickly. πŸ—‚οΈ
5. **Filters:** Streamline your content discovery with filters that allow you to view posts with links, videos, replies, or pictures in dedicated, easily accessible tags. πŸ”
6. **Draft Editor:** Craft your posts, quote posts, replies, and more using our intuitive draft editor. ✍️
7. **Interactions:** Sonic allows you to like ❀️, reply πŸ’¬, retweet πŸ”, quote πŸ—¨οΈ, and even delete bookmarks πŸ—‘οΈ, all within the platform.
8. **Post:** Share your drafts, quote posts, and replies directly from Sonic. Post your content without leaving the platform. πŸ“’
9. **Post Schedule:** Take control of your posting schedule with the ability to schedule posts directly from Sonic. ⏰
10. **Notes:** Capture valuable insights by taking notes on posts, whether in their entirety or specific sections. Integrate your notes directly into your quote drafts or keep them for personal reference. πŸ“

### Use Cases

- **Social Media Managers:** For those overseeing a brand or personal profile on 𝕏, Sonic simplifies content management. Easily save posts, plan replies, and set up a content calendar.
- **Content Creators:** Freelancers or creators can capture inspiration from 𝕏, organize their finds, and draft content efficiently.
- **Researchers:** Students, academics, or professionals can track important 𝕏 conversations, take notes, and build a reference library for their work.
- **Journalists:** Quickly find, reference, and use 𝕏 posts in stories and articles. Stay updated on trending topics and discussions with Sonic.
- **Learners:** Save valuable insights, expert advice, or informative threads on 𝕏. Organize and revisit them anytime to aid your learning.
- **Blogging & Writing**: Source content ideas from 𝕏 trends, save influential discussions, and integrate them into blogs or articles for richer content.
- **HR & Recruitment Teams:** Save and organize potential leads from 𝕏 for job positions, track conversations around company culture, and use this feedback for internal reviews.

### **What's Coming Up Next**

The Sonic team is currently working on an AI Marketing Assistant which will help automate reposting, quote posts, generating replies and more. We are also planning to add multi-platform support so you can post your content to 𝕏, LinkedIn, Threads, Facebook and more all at once. Additionally, we are working on a web app for easier access to Sonic. Stay tuned for updates!

### Lock in 50% discount for life

We are offering a 50% lifetime discount for those who sign up before STARTER plan launches end of the year. We will be dropping this discount when STARTER officially launches. The discount is limited to the first 200 spots.

Location: Texas, United States

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