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Automated AI code reviews and real-time error log observability

Astronuts is a devtool powered by Automated AI that assists developers in identifying and fixing errors in their codebase by scanning through code reviews and error logs with real-time resolutions. Our unique technology offers contextual insights, code quality metrics, and error monitoring to help developers focus on building rather than fixing.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Your 24/7 customer service concierge.

Comnio is a web and mobile application that helps consumers everywhere share and resolve customer service issues about any business or service provider—easily, effectively, and for free.

Comnio solves the problem of being put on hold, being ignored by businesses, and overall bad customer service experiences, which can happen from even the world's best businesses and brands.

Comnio helps customers share their feedback directly with the business and a manager, and work with a real person (a Customer Service Concierge) to get those customer service issues addressed and resolved.

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