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Automated AI code reviews and real-time error log observability

Astronuts is a devtool powered by Automated AI that assists developers in identifying and fixing errors in their codebase by scanning through code reviews and error logs with real-time resolutions. Our unique technology offers contextual insights, code quality metrics, and error monitoring to help developers focus on building rather than fixing.

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World’s scientific knowledge in one place

At Genematics we have a mission to reach our goal of an easy accessible knowledge engine (an intelligent search engine with dedicated answers on your questions) that helps medical and biological specialists to discover, interpret and communicate valuable patterns in their and the world’s biological data for better patient healthcare. With our biomedical knowledge engine we combine publicly available scientific research with instant data interpretation in a way the expert only needs a few seconds instead of hours or even days to retrieve answers from their biological data. With our product we want, and certainly can accelerate research for new medical drugs, new treatments and other innovations

With accelerated insights in the world’s publically available scientific knowledge, scientists can improve their ongoing research with new information that could lead to more or improved results. Together we can make a difference to transform healthcare and improve the outcome for every patient.

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