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Automated AI code reviews and real-time error log observability

Astronuts is a devtool powered by Automated AI that assists developers in identifying and fixing errors in their codebase by scanning through code reviews and error logs with real-time resolutions. Our unique technology offers contextual insights, code quality metrics, and error monitoring to help developers focus on building rather than fixing.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Your email delivery on point. Check your email against spam list and config errors

If you are tired that your client or contact doesn't receive your emails.
That your newsletter has low opening rates why your emails are all in the spam folder.
If you don't want to advice your users to check their spam or have a miscommunication with your customers why they never saw your email.

Check if your Email is Viable with our service! FOR FREE!

Viable.Email does several checks on your email:

-> Checks for config errors passing the email through SpamAssasin
-> Checks for config errors related to your email server, domain & DNS as DMARC, SPF & DKIM
-> Checks that the email is correctly signed with the DKIM protocol.
-> Checks against the main spam blacklists.
-> Analyze the content of your message, for improvements!

The process is simple, you just send an email to the address we provide, from the address you want to check. Then, just wait a couple of seconds in the meantime we run the report.

If you want to automate the checking process, we offer an automatic test feature, where we test your emails (up to 10 emails accounts) one time a day, week or month, at the cost of 1 credit per month (1 credit = $2.99 usd).

Location: Wilmington, United States

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