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Personal Skincare, Powered by Machine Learning

Atolla uses machine learning to pinpoint the cause of your skin issue and give you a personalized solution to address it. Designed at MIT, the Atolla system includes a simple, 10-minute at-home skin test and a personalized serum formulated based on your skin measurements, environment, and lifestyle. Each month, you get the testing tools and serum adapted to your prior month’s measurements. Over time, Atolla predicts what your skin will need before you have an issue. Track your progress and connect to people with similar skin using Atolla’s Skin Health app.

Location: Brooklyn, United States

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Roust is a social network for discussing polarizing topics.

Roust is a social network designed to connect people that want to discuss topics often found to be too polarizing for Facebook. With Roust, you can connect to the friends you know and trust to privately discuss topics like politics, religion, or the social issues of the day. Want to make new connections? Search for topics important to you and find conversations happening publicly on Roust.

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