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AudioCipher Technologies LLC

AudioCipher Technologies LLC
AudioCipher Technologies LLC

We're a music software company founded in January 2021 that has sold over 2,000 copies and currently developing V3 of our flagship product.

AudioCipher builds MIDI generation software for music producers, to help them come up with inspiring ideas during the creative process. Type words into the app and choose a key signature. Then drag the idea to your MIDI track and begin shaping the melody into a song.

Location: Portland, United States

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clockodo is an online time tracking application. As a modern replacement for Excel-based timekeeping or time clocks, it requires no additional equipment and is easy to use.

Log in. Get started. Done. Use-friendly screens, intuitive operation and a solid understanding of your workday form the basis of success for this genius time-tracking application for freelancers and small to medium-sized companies. Know your resources. Work more cost-efficiently. Increase your profits. After just a few clicks, clockodo shows your where your work really pays off and where you need to take action to increase your profits. Automatically generated time sheets let you bill for your work faster and more accurately, while individual reports make sure you have your finger on the pulse of your business all the time.

Location: Unna, Germany

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