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Content messenger where friends can chat privately over things they read and watch

A content messenger for friends to share and chat privately over articles, videos, tweets, or any media. Currently, these private conversations are spread out across emails, text messengers or other platforms which also provide a private message feature (e.g. Twitter DM). Backroom makes it easy to both share and consume relevant information in a private space - whether it’s a static content (an article) or a live stream (an NBA game).

We want to build a communication solution which is content-native. What we mean by that: It understands if it’s a tweet, or a live stream and makes conversations richer and more engaging. We do not undermine what machines can recommend us, but we think if the “seed” can be created by people who know us, machines can use this “seed” and do a better job of recommendation.

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Share links and knowledge, privately or with a team.

Pincone helps keep all of your bookmarks in one place and share them with your team. Create a private or team account, organize links into categories, add tags, and keep track of new and interesting content.

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

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