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Social Network for sports betting!

An innovative online-based platform that merges the online betting experience with the social aspect - where people can place, share and copy bets with the Betfect community.

Social interaction among friends has become a key component of the gambling experience: the problem is that bettors still have to rely on various tedious communication channels in order to share their betting experience with their friends. Thanks to partnerships with premium bookmakers such as Ladbrokes and others, Betfect aims to solve this problem, allowing users to place, share and copy bets in one platform (Etoro for betting).

Unlike already existing social gaming platforms, Betfect is exclusively focused on real money gambling, because bettors are not attracted by platforms where virtual money is employed, as they will not follow or copy tips from users who do not place real bets. It acts as a one-stop platform to deposit, withdraw, place, share and copy bets.

Betfect provides a one-stop platform for all types of players, from novice to expert punters. Players are united and help each other to bet better together. For those who are new to betting, Betfect has simplified the learning process, enabling newbie bettors to learn from more experienced punters and even copy their bets with one click, eliminating the first bet nerves. Users waste less time researching other sites for results, odds, statistics and opinions taking advantage of the Betfect community.

Experienced punters can compete against each other, climbing the leaderboard and showing off their winning bet slips to the community. Users are also invited to join the Betfect Plus reward program, having the chance of winning several prizes, betting vouchers, match tickets and much more.


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Riku by Futuristic Labs

Riku by Futuristic Labs
Riku by Futuristic Labs

Riku is the world's first automatic rice and curry maker that is set to automate cooking in all kitchens across the globe.

Riku is the world's first automatic rice and curry maker. We have envisioned it to be the ultimate cooking robot for all curry-loving individuals. It is designed to work in 3 easy steps: add ingredients, select a recipe on the app, and let Riku cook! Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence & power-packed with a multitude of sensors, Riku learns your taste preferences to cook restaurant-quality meals at the touch of a button. We currently have over 400 automated recipes ready to cook.

After a tiring day of exhausting ourselves, we all just want a hot home-cooked meal to call it a day. Riku is the perfect fit for effortlessly making delectable meals without cooking expertise and minimum time in the kitchen. Put on some music, enjoy a drink, and let Riku cook for you

Location: Hyderabad, India

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