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We invented a solution to spam that charges senders of cold emails a fee for their emails to be delivered. We raised significant funds through an ICO and are now growing very quickly.

Cryptocurrency spam solution. BitBounce reduces your email spam by charging unsolicited email senders a cryptocurrency fee to send you their emails.

When senders pay your cryptocurrency fee, their emails are moved to your inbox.

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An intuitive and beautiful way to start you new tab in Chrome.

LinkPadz is a Chrome extension that transforms your new tab into a beautiful and intuitive launch screen for your websites and Internet searches. It learns from your browsing history to display your most relevant sites.
While automated for easy use, LinkPadz is also highly customizable for those users that want more control of there browsing experience. Load any background, add any site, or hide any site you don't want displayed on the minimalist user interface..

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