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Be your own fashion designer

It's a modern design tool that lets you print your photos on a t-shirt or tank top, sync your Instagram, your Facebook or upload your photo, do some editing, add filters, resize, rotate, done! Get is shipped anywhere in world.

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Turn your IDE into a collaborative workspace, seamlessly problem solve together in real-time across different IDE platforms.

GitLive adds real-time code visibility on top of the git protocol including a one-click pair-programming experience.
Check who is online from your team and which repositories, branches and issues they are working on.
Inspect and cherry-pick your teammates’ local changes without having to perform a commit-push-fetch-merge cycle
Request to collaborate with a teammate to open a live view of the file they are working on and edit together.
Privacy-first: Easily control what you share including your online status, activity and local changes

Location: London, United Kingdom

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