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The fastest way for college students to buy and sell secondhand items safely

Bogglo allows students to transform their campus into a local store where they can quickly buy and sell what they need. College students are always pressed for time. They do not have the leisure to run around town searching for what they need nor can they afford to sell their lightly used items on time consuming marketplaces.

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Create & view Jira, Trello or Asana tasks, as virtual post-it notes; directly on your web projects.

Sifta is a time-saving extension to Jira, Asana or Trello.

Clients, stakeholders and team members can easily communicate requirements using digital post-it notes that create tasks directly in Jira, Asana or Trello.

The notes sit in a virtual layer on top of your website, and logged in users see the notes update as each task progresses.

Sifta is a better way to communicate which means less duplicate (or confusing) requests, less meetings, and more visibility of your team's hard work. All without email meltdown.

Put an end to time zapping back-and-forth, and free yourself for more important things.

Location: Sydney, Australia

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