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Business book summaries in highly visual multimedia formats.

bookGUTS keeps you up to date with the current knowledge that shape our world today by distilling trends, thoughts and ideas captured by authors in remarkable books and offering them to you in fun, highly visual and bite-sized formats that fit today’s learning style and lifestyle. Amazing nuggets of knowledge are delivered to you as book summaries in multimedia formats; 6-page pdfs, audios, videos, mind-maps, kindle, kobo and nook formats as well as engaging visuals, sketchnotes and infographics!

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Make work meaningful AI powered wellbeing & performance platform helping companies and employees unlock their full human potential.

Mindcap is the only tool on the market that can support the improvement of the culture through self-driven learning paths.

Mindcap taps into the future of work. Our AI tool and platform has never been more relevant. Organizations and the role of leaders are being redefined, meaning and emotional intelligence are at the top of employees wishlist and companies are exploring new ways of facilitating employee development in more remote work structures.

Mindcap supports both individuals and teams in reaching their full potential through personal insight, goal setting and tailored learning journeys.

Our purpose is to MAKE WORK MEANINGFUL. In Mindcap, we know that adding meaning and purpose to your work life increases your motivation, engagement and performance.

Mindcap integrates wellbeing and performance into the root of your company and gear up for the future of work to outperform your competitors and unleash the full potential of your employees.

The aim is to provide: Shared Ownership, Insights to Behavior, and Personalized Experience for each individual.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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