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Blow up your brand using AI generated content helps brands generate original product imagery and descriptions at scale to grow their social media presence. It's perfect for brands that need content but don't have the time or money for photos, designs, or captions to feature their product, but it can also be cost-efficient content sourcing alternative for more established brands. Types of brands that would benefit from include eCommerce, brick and mortar retail, restaurants, SaaS, and other online businesses. is currently in prelaunch phase. We accept signups to get on a waitlist for early access. The more referrals you bring - the earlier you could get access before it goes live.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Social Duce

Social Duce
Social Duce

Social Duce is the Cheaper and better Knowem Alternative which creates stunning profiles for your brand in 100s of popular websites.

Social Duce is the Cheaper and better Knowem Alternative service. We manually create profiles for your brand in the most popular websites. In addition to your brand name, Social Duce also adds the following information to the newly created profiles where ever possible. The details in the profiles include brand name, website url, logo, business description, business contact details, social channels, etc.

Location: Chennai, India

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